I got into a debate with some friends the other day and we really struggled with who is or was the greatest rock guitartist? Some said Jimi Hendrix, others said Duane Allman. Jimmy Page, Santana, Eddie Van Halen...who is the best of all time? This needs to be resolved. Thanks for your input.

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For sure Eddie Van Halen!!!
Consider it resolved -

The greatest guitarist to have ever lived - Stevie Ray Vaughan live at the El Mocambo

Fender Promotion with SRV playing "Little Wing"
Geez, you guys need to get out more! His name is:

PHIL KEAGGY (www.philkeaggy.com)

Runner Up:
Michael, the challenge is that there are so many more to consider, Johnny Winter, Steve Vai, Yngway Malmsteen (spelling aside), Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Alex Lifeson, Brian May, Keith Richards (simply for living as long as he has!), Ritchie Blackmore, Angus Young, Joe Satriani, Michael Schenker....to name a few. In my opinion, simply due to the sheer WOW...new sound and creativity that they brought to the market, Jimi Hendrix & Eddie Van Halen would split my top billing. If you add song-writing and style/versatility however, you have to consider guys like Dave Matthews, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Prince, Joe Walsh, Steve Howe, Terry Kath, Bonnie Raitt....This likely on adds to the complication of deciding on the BEST guitarist, but for what it's worth.......
Dimebag Darrell- Pantera!
These debates will live forever!!
Top five:
Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
Angus Young
I've got to go with Stevie Ray Vaughn
Another great is Prince.
Yeah - go Angus. When I was in college he was THE MAN!!! AC/DC rules! Everyone else was into Styx and Yes and that sort of stuff. Angus is am original rebel -- their music is just plain fun. And ROCKIN.
Bonnie Raitt's pretty good.
The greatest living rock guitar player is Jimmy Page. The greatest dead one is Jimi Hendrix. And the greatest of the undead is Keith Richards (methinks he's either a vampire or a mummy, doncha think he looks like Imhotep?).
Sylvia, great post. Keith is so underrated. I used to hang with him for approx 2 years back in late 70's -- we had a mutual friend. Don't get the wrong impression -- I wasn't his best friend or anything like that but we used to hang out at a mutual friend's apartment in NYC (when he was in town). Cool guy and great guitarist -- am a true Stones fan and always will be -- even though they are as old as the hills. Keith is a bit mummy-like. He was a great pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

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