I got into a debate with some friends the other day and we really struggled with who is or was the greatest rock guitartist? Some said Jimi Hendrix, others said Duane Allman. Jimmy Page, Santana, Eddie Van Halen...who is the best of all time? This needs to be resolved. Thanks for your input.

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Lough Best/Greatest type discussions.

Would depend on genre: blues, rock, etc.

Brian May from Queen is a magician, and would be my choice.

Being originally from Texas, good 'ol Stevie Ray Vaun is a sentimental pick.
I know this topic is old but I think....

1) Steve Vai
2) Zach Wylde (Ozzy)
3) Slash (GNR & Velvet Revolver)

The GOAT aka Greatest of all time well that goes to Hendrix!
We shouldn't forget Hurbert Khaury (Tiny Tim) with honorable mention as a master of licks on the ukulele...
Better to ask... who do great guitarists worship? Guys like Frampton, Satriani, Stevie, Clapton... who is THEIR hero?

I'm quite certain that if you polled the best of the best, the overwhelming majority would put Mr. Buddy Guy at or near the top.

If you ever get the chance to see Buddy Guy play --and he only places one weekend a year at his Buddy Guy's Legends here in Chicago(end of Janurary) -- you'll see many guitar greats paying homage in the audience and hanging on every last note.
Was -- Jimi and SRV... the SRV version of Jimi's "Little Wing" has got to be one of the best guitar recordings of all time.

Nowadays its hard to say. I am surprised no one mentioned Joe Satriani. I have also recently heard of these guys named DragonForce. Now I do not like there overall sound, but man those guitarists are insanely fast and technical.
Hey - Joe Strummer ! where you going with that gun in your hand
A tie between Les Paul and Eric Clapton! Hands down! :-)
This is really a matter of opinion. If I had to give an answer I would say Clapton. If I were to exclude the 60s and 70s I might go with Jack White or Jay Mascis.
Well, A great guitarist just died at age 41 from Toronto, my home town. his name was Jeff Healy and for anyone who has never heard or seen him play, it was quite a treat.
Jimi Hendrix...no questions about it!

Tyra Smith
Was Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan

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