I was just wondering how people are using social networking sites to aid their recruitment efforts? Particulary, do you find people on places like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.? Are you using these sites to gain background info. on candidate? I'm new to this whole social marketing thing.

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As Tom Malone (The Future of Work) said - "The age of the mass is over.... The fundamental unit of the new economy is not the Corporation but the individuall

It is essential that the recruiter engages in a more social way with their future candidates and not just the ones they want to engage with today to fill a vacancy! Make friends with people in your industry sector via the social networks using subtle marketing as you develop a relationship with them. They could be future clients or candidates.

Bull in a china shop approach will not seperate you from the mass recruitment market. If you "Want to be a Big Biller?" Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space etc are all good additions to the recruiters armoury. But don't forget to pick the phone up and make your sales calls. Social networks cannot replace the recruiters strongest tool!
Hi Debbie,
I do a lot of networking on LinkedIn, it seems to work for me. I'm not a "Myspace" fan and I have not tried FaceBook, I'll get there. I use LinkedIn to recruit candidates, find contract opportunities network and more. LinkedIn is endless but it's not the only source out there... I hope this helped.
From an executive outplacement standpoint we find that more and more recruiters are using the likes of Linkedin to source candidates and to check their credentials. Having a profile on the web it more and more key for people looking to progress in their careers. I received the following email yesterday from CMC's Research Manager:

"Following a recent conversation with a client regarding LinkedIn – he mentioned that he had watched a pod cast from Harvey Nash about Personal branding and now he took Linkedin more seriously. I have found the pod cast and pasted a link below for your information. I have also copied the transcript into a word document in case you can’t access the pod cast.


It reveals some interesting statistics mentioned such as “83% of recruiters have used search engines to research candidates and 43% of recruiters eliminate candidates based on their findings”

Hi Debbie,

I am new to this whole web 2.0 as well and your question about the social networking sites & recruiting is exactly what I have been asking around here... so right on!~ I have been using LinkedIn and that's been effective. I do recall a survey that was done few months back about the % usage of man/female in gen x and gen y and it was clear that their #1 pref web 2.0 tool was Facebook. So, I would explore that further. I think that's where we can be to build that "inclusive" community and start the dialogue. I haven't explored Myspace yet however I think twitter can be another way to help get to know some of our candidates. I am also in this initial phase of asking those "how" questions - i.e. how can we use twitter to source for candidates? start that conversation? how long is enough time spent on these web 2.0 ROI = hire? etc.. I hear 10 hours/week is min. investment...etc.. (this was from the last conversation we had via Susan Burn's Talent Cafe group here - feel free to check it out via Susan Burns - She leads a great conversational chat every Tuesday at 3PM EST right here at recruitingblogs). Wealth of information...on this topic among others.

I hope this helped!~ Have a great Friday!

All the best,

Hi Debbie,

I would have to say that I have found LInkedIN, Zoominfo and Twitter to be a good resource for your mid to sr. level positions. Myspace and Spacebook is a wonderful resource for more college recruiting.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Dana McLee
Verizon Business

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