Any recruiters with experience sourcing Internet Game Developers?

Hi Everyone,
Do you know anyone with experience sourcing internet game developers? Our client is expanding their U.S. headcount to develop large scale Internet games, medium-sized casual games, desktop RPGs and battle platforms. We plan to start actively sourcing in the fall ~Aug/Sept '08 time frame. Let me know if you or someone you know works within this space.


Please email me at:

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Just a thought but you may find some connections in this Ning network centered around Video Game Recruiters. It's a humble membership, but seems to be a good group of people and at a minimum a possible source for new contacts doing the deals.

Click here.
Thanks RecruiterGuy. I can't seem to join the Video Game Recruiters group. Do I have to create a new account?


Lisa my company has experience in this space are you looking for an additional recruiter or a partnership. Take a look at my website for more detailed info at Would be more than happy to help you out as long as it is not a conflict of client relationship.
You shouldn't need to, Lisa. When you click that link it should just ask for your Ning id and login - the same you use here, I'd bet. :-)
the recruiter guy is right. if it is a different Ning group than, you can sign up using all the same data
I'm not an agency recruiter, however the person I would recommend in the game industry as a very good agency recruiter is Yelena Spector. (

I run TalentSpring and we a job board for the Game Industry and similar industries. Yelena is one person I've chatted with on several occasions about getting feedback on our plans in the game industry.

She has a lot of experience and her firm has great support for agency recruiting in the game industry.


Bryan Starbuck
Hi Bryan,
Thanks for the info. I did check your site and find it very interesting. I'm not sure what is the cost to register as an employer. Please comment.


Hi Brandt,
I would be interested in a chat with you. Will be in touch soon.

I do have my own IT Staffing company, started last year December. Looking to tie-up with few good companies. We do source for both IT and Non-IT Clients in USA. We work with major telecom, financials, Gaming, pharma, trading and federal clients.
I do have team of 15 recruiters back in India who help for all my client and vendor reqs here in USA. Also we have very big set-up back in India were we can accomodate 80-100 consultants at a time, that i want to use for any software development or processes. I am very much interested in working with people like you and the company. You can reach me anytime at 412-563-3460 or email me at its my company email id.
You can also email me your direct contact number
Lisa - have you been here -> ?

Thought of you when playing around there last week - just didn't get to posting here - sorry for delay.
Hi Lisa,

Right now we are free. We are still building out parts of our product, but you should definitely use us while we are free.

We will build out in all industries, but right now we are strong in: a) Game industry, b) Software Engineers, c) High Tech employees, and d) the Seattle and Bay Area markets.



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