Logo Contest!!! - Sponsored by Broadlook

Lately I have been talking quite a bit with Donato from BroadLook.


Where’s your Logo?

I don’t have one

You need one

Don’t tell me what to do or what I need


Can you help?

( more silence)

I was kidding!!

You need a logo and maybe you should have a contest

Can I give away a subscription of Diver to the winner?



Current Submissions:

So, needs a logo and I need help with it. I'm hoping that some of the creative artistic people here on the network will want to help.

You can attach the logos to this post in the form of an uploaded file or you can send them to me at Contest will run for the next 2 weeks.

I will create a section here on showcase them all. your input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Donato and thanks in advance to anyone who can help design a great logo

Video On about Diver

Video on Broadlook about Diver

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Hey, Jason - I like number 2.
1 baby, 1 all the way...
I vote for the HAT logo!
I like #2
I like the simle one with the people in a cluster, how come they are not numbered in this post, when i first clicked on I only saw 3 and they were numbered, in that case I like number 2
#2 for artistic design and branding. Although, I might change the sub-text back to the Recruiting Powered by Community or A recruiting community or something along those about Empowering the Recruiting Community?!?
I dig the logo with the shades and sideways ball cap best

you certainly need the name in the logo, not just RB

dont tell me when to tell you what you need either Jason !
#2 Jason..

It speaks for itself.. like the logo ~and I have heard about your hat from time to time.. over the past few weeks via the site.. it makes it unique and original to me (as a brand).. and stands out from the other 2....also like the color combination as well (black/blue on the letters rather than white/blue).

Best wishes!~

#2 - the tuque seals it for me
#3 - offers opportunity to change up the theme by filling in the blank #2 will not reproduce well
#3... clean, simple, impactful, reproduces well, memorable at a glance, recognizable at a glance, great colors and great font. Number 3 for me.

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