Hello everyone. I've noticed my linkedin response rates for inmails are way way down. My guess is it's that the job market is very tight and folks just aren't moving/looking.

However if you have sample emails that you send that get responses, I'd like to see some samples. In my inmails I ususally try to be as specific as possible about why I am contacting them and mention some clients as I have a strong portfolio of co's I asssist. My niche is software engineers.

Any input appreciated

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What's way, way down? Imean what are the numbers?
You guessed right... It's a candidate market right now. Companies are starving for good talent! Candidates are getting inundated with calls/e-mails, etc. from recruiters. I usually get responses from almost everyone I sent an inmail to even if they are simply saying "thanks but I'm not interested right now."
I just went back and checked my inmail, and I am getting 2/3 responses back. The rest are all expiring which tells me they are probably not logging in. I did get one decline this month out of the last 40 I sent out. Overall, it is higher than my typical email response (1/8 or so).

Here is a sample that I sent out last month if it will help.:

Greetings "John",

I own a small, boutique recruiting agency in Wisconsin. We have a client that has asked us to perform a discreet search for a Chief Technologist and your profile came up during our research.

This is a very high profile technology company with an excellent reputation and it is quite a unique opportunity. This search is for Fortune 100 company and would be responsible for a very profitable, large, yet independently run software division.

I am sure you are a busy man, so let me suggest that you get in touch with me should you like to discuss it in greater detail. I also welcome any referrals if this is not the right timing or opportunity for you. All information shared with BizWerks is confidential.

Thank you in advance for your time. Should you not be interested in these types of requests, please keep in mind that I have reached out because your current options are set to accept job inquiries.


Julia Stone
I usually get a 10-20% response rates for inmails. 30-50%+ on intros via linkedin.

Realize I'm contacting engineers in Silicon Valley who are probably getting tons of requests.
Try targeting each person individually... I get very specific with my inmails rather than what would be viewed as a generic letter. For instance, I will look at the individuals profile and write my mail to them based on what they specifically do.. I also get right to the point!

Hi John,

I've got a very Sr. level role for an Analog IC Designer in the bay area. I noted that you have the CMOS design skills specifically at 65nm. I would be very interested in discussing further details about this position with you.. What would be a good time?

Ross Cooper
I just saw a webinar from Shally Steckerl (he's on here) and he gave us some templates for inmails. Check those out.

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