I have recently started a process where we provide surveys on an ongoing basis to receive "real time" feedback from employees on different aspects of the organization to improve performance, understand what employees are feeling, understand better what employees expect, etc.

In doing so I recently have created a survey for "after training". Our training is only three weeks, and there is some ongoing training thereafter, but I really want to hone in on the first three weeks and ask some great questions after the training to get specific feedback about the presenters, the material being covered, the role plays, etc.

Would you guys mind sharing any "great" questions that may be appropriate for asking in this particular survey? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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My responses are coming via feedback I have received as an executive recruiter as to why people are happy or not happy at their employer.

So questions I would suggest:

• Do you understand the role and responsibilities of your position and how they fit into the achievement of the company’s goals?

• What obstacles or barriers, if removed, would allow you to be more successful in your position?

• What additional skills, knowledge or tools would allow you improve your performance?

• Do you feel your or your team’s contributions are properly recognized?

Hope this is helpful.


Charles Haines
Thank you so much for the feedback! Hopefully there will be more responses on this!

Steve, what kind of training? Have you heard of Kilpatrick's Learning Evaluation Model?
What in the training was missing, the presence of which could make a difference



role play

rapid recall


applying it to every day work

borrowed from Landmark Education/seminar leader program
Steve, my company provides this type of real-time services to employers, and the work that you're doing is so important. I'd be happy to be a resource for you in any way that I can -- no sales pitch, just assistance. If you like, please contact me directly at claudia (@) improvedexperience.com and we'll chat.

Steve, one of the things we're focused on is the employer branding issue. While it begins with developing a brand that will attract the right kind of person that will contibute to your company's success, it goes much further than that. To your question, we look at how do your internal processes, such as onboarding and training, align with your brand? Do new hires experience the same reality that you promote when you are recruiting them?

Here's some questions we think all new hires should be asked (and this data should be recorded and kept in a spreadsheet):
What do you know about our culture?
What do you like about working for this company?
What elements of the training do you feel were best aligned with our company culture?
Did your training experience match your expectations? If so, how, if not, why not?
Were their any elements of your training that you found particularly innovative or unique?

The point we're getting at is this: is your employment proposition realistic? if not, you'll lose employee engagement very quickly, and see less than superior productivity. There was a great article in HR Executive Online from the HR Director at 20th century fox, that speaks to how the onboarding process was very different from the brand, and how it affected their productivity. Links are below.

Story about onboarding at HR Executive:

Link to a conference session at the ERE.net Conference 2009

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