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I’m really excited today. Why you may ask? It’s because it’s time for a new contest/celebration. It’s one of those things I love to do and It’s a great way to bring the community together in order to create some good useful content. Have a look below to see what I mean:

Are you a Smart Recruiter?

You might have noticed that we're nearing our 15,000th member here on As you may know, we gave away a great prize for our 10,000 member milestone and 15,000 is no different.

Our sponsor for the almost 15K member mark is SmartRecruiters, the world's first free and easy ATS for recruiters and SMBs. A very special thanks to Jerome, who agreed to this from a train in Paris. And in true Parisian style, the prize is, dinner for 6, cooked in your private residence by a master chef from your region. Invite your friends or that client you've been trying to woo for a gastronomic masterpiece prepared just for you.

To win this tasty prize, here is your mission:

1. Write a blog post on

2. You must title it: What makes me a Smart Recruiter and put smartrecruiters as a tag in the tag section

3. List the top five reasons that make you a Smart Recruiter or HR Professional. (These can include innate skills, web based tools, programs, anything you want)

4. Let your network of recruiters know about the great content that is being developed here at (Not required but it would be nice)

The winner will be chosen on January 16th/09

The winner will be picked out of a hat and captured on video. (It's my specialty)

Let SmartRecruiters and FEED YOUR FAMILY!

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Then there was this person with obvious latent Oedipal issues who wrote:

Tell me a story about a recruiter who created something extraordinary. Very few indeed. LinkedIn may be one of the very rare exceptions.

For the vast majority of recruiters in the real world, I believe the term smart recruiter is an Oxymoron.

I thought helping to create leadership teams that maximize shareholder value, bringing on board talent that drives R&D, or securing a sales monster was extraordinary. Ha! Was I ever wrong!

Slouch said:
I was thinkng the same thing. Thanks for noticing.

Ann is referring to this LinkedIn discussion

Ann said:
Just read the series of negative reactions from recruiters on Linkedin to the Smart Recruiter contest. It made me smile because the thread itself is a bunch of recruiters talking to each other on the topic of criticizing recruiters who talk to each other:) Irony appears to have been lost...
Okay this is a two part response.
1) The only reason I'm a Smart Recruiter is because I realize that there are others Smarter than I, so I listen, read, and learn from them. However, smart people do dumb things sometimes, and I am probably alot dummer (is that a word?) or let me say less smart than many a recruiter. I also learn from my dumb mistakes, and therefore, don't consider anyone less intelligent than I. Therefore, I'll enter the blog contest meet the requirements, and if I'm lucky enough someone will read my blog and learn what not to do from my dumb mistakes.

2)I think its great that someone suggests a blog release of ideas, and actually offers a prize---let people criticize, jabber about it ----WHO CARES. My response to them is don't participate, and don't read the blogs, or don't learn anything knew....your loss and my gain!!!!
OH yeah....This will be interesting. Technology vs. Relationships. In the end, the human element wins every time. Can't waith to see the entrees. I LIKE the S.M.A.R.T. response...well done!
very cool JD. Great deal. Look forward to this.. will post mine shortly.

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