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I'd love to get some feedback on the "best and worst" experiences you all are having with your current Applicant, Resume, Job Req tracking tools. Are there any "all in one" solutions that are great and don't break the budget (like Bullhorn) out there? What's working for you and what is not? I know this is a broad topic, but let's get the discussion started.

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The worst by far is VirtualEdge/ADP can't stand it. It's not user-friendly at all.  In the past, other ATS's have taken me no more than 2-3 weeks to learn inside and out, including gathering reports, internal documentation, understanding the configuration with other websites,etc.  I've been using VE for almost 4 months and I still haven't completely gotten it yet.  It's time consuming and there's a lot of manual work.

The best is SENDOUTS, hands down.  I loved that system and I wish the company I'm working through could get their money back from ADP and switch over.  Just saying.



Thanks, Jai. Interesting. I found VE/ADP to not be so bad, at least compared with some. I think our judgments/circumstances can vary greatly- you might have had a bad set up for VE/ADP, and I might have had a  good one. Other people may have had decent experience w. Peoplesoft or Brassring....



Hi Keith, you know what? That actually might be the case. I was not involved in the project's initial phase and from what I heard neither were none of the other recruiters. So the HR Generalists and directors came up with these ideas and did not make it sufficient at all for recruiting. It's great as an application and process onboarding, but to use for recruiting? No...

Thanks, Jai. 

For companies with a few thousand employees: I used VE/ADP ver a year agoand it wasn't too bad. A few years earlier, ICIMS wasn't too bad, either. As I said, I might have been lucky each time in how it was configured, or it's possible one or both has become worse, but they weren't too bad then,

Right now for a company with a few hundred people: we're using COMPAS and that's pretty good, too, except for the customer service. (I've had no real problems, but can never get hold of them real-time for questions.)

I wish there were something like a "Consumer Reports"  that you could trust to be fair and impartial for recruiting stuff reviews...

Hey Matt: want to set up something like that with me for Recruiting Blogs ?


CATS is fantastic! 

Oh Kaia, I forgot about CATS!  Yes, they are good, I do believe they take 2nd to Sendouts...but I liked them too!

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