Would you ask your current client for refferals?  Client refferals.




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Absolutely! I always ask for referrals. Depending on how well you know them or how long you have been working for their organization, it usually goes like this:

Mr. Client, I am so happy we have been able to make a successful fit for your opening. Knowing your active within your organization/professional community...etc... would you know of any other Hiring Manager's that would beneift from our services?


If you know some of their professional connections, ask them if you can use them as a referral or if they would introduce you via linkedin...If you have a good relationship, it shouldn't even be an issue.

Sometimes it works immediately, but usually it is just about planting the seed for future referrals. At the end of the day there is no harm in asking. Most of my current clients have come from referrals..it is way easier than cold calling!

To follow up on the comment Betsy made- I ask both candidates and clients on every call I make. Why miss out on an opportunity.

Thank you Betsy and Tim. I do ask candidates but not clients. I'll start asking clients.

No problem Mack - keep us posted on how it works for you.

well i asked 3 clients;

Client 1 asked me to drop off more business cards at her office so she can share with other HR friends in her circle.

Client 2 admitted he's not really involved with the community but will take any chance to brag about the excellent candidates i have found them to his friends.

Client 3..still waiting for his response...

Totally agree with Betsy, most of my work is meeting with clients and at every visit I routinely ask them for the names of a couple of other people in their professional network that it would be worthwhile me speaking to.  Almost all clients are happy to do this and it leaves me with quite a backlog of people I need to meet up with.  Definitely better than cold calling!

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