I've recently ventured into independent recruiting and I was looking to give BountyJobs a try. After signing up I am told that there is a waiting list of about 8 weeks to receive some sort of access code. Does anyone know how I can speed up the process or other alternatives?

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It was up to 3 months in November, so they are getting better. They have been overwhelmed with people who have recently ventured into independent recruiting, which is why there is a delay. I have been working on their site for a while, and the hiring managers are getting freaked out by the number of recruiters wanting to work on their site, which causes some managers to offer lower fees as well.

I also use Dayak sometimes, you might try out their site too or talentmaze.

Best of luck and you might try friending Erica Jayne Walsh, she is on RBC and works for Bounty Jobs.
Try splitsRus.com.

There's no fee, no waiting list, over 300+ open req's right now to work on...

Plus you work with recruiters who actually have relationships with the clients.

staffUP partners put the orders we want to publicly split there.

Many of the recruiters I've talked with about Bounty jobs were very concerned with the terms Bounty Jobs forces them to agree to with the clients. Two really seem to be upsetting a lot of people... the clients have a 90 day "money back" guarantee. I don't know about you, but I've been offering replacement guarantees my whole career... and I don't see how changing my model from FINDING top talent for them translates into KEEPING top talent happy enough to stay... isn't that the client's role? Also, with bounty jobs, the clients have the right to hire your submittals after only 6 months. 6 MONTHS?

Some people are very afraid that clients will simply post jobs to fish for candidates resumes... and when things get a little better, they've got plenty of "sourced" contacts to follow up with. Again, I've done 12 month agreements with my clients for my whole career... I don't know why Bounty Jobs even has to set these "rules"... why don't they leave that up to the recruiter and the client?

Try Recruit Alliance- www.recruitalliance.com THis is a sight that actual companies post their jobs. There is very little waiting on approval and also they allow you to have contact with the clients directly. We have a had success witht them and whats even better its $75 a month. They do not take a portion of your fee and you control the billing and collections.

I agree - try talentmaze.con or dayak and also just wait for bountyjobs.
BountJobs cheats recruiters out of money, candidates and time. It is an awful process which does not work to the benefit of anyone but BountyJobs. They clients feel cheated because they are getting a lot of junk to weed through- should just post on Monsterboard. The recruiters are wasting their time because they tried to get paid and usually do not happen and they wasted time and resources.

I made a placement with a company and can not seem to get paid because the client is saying that they spoke with candidates 8, no 7 no 6 no 4 months ago trying to wiggle out the agreement. The client called me to work a deal on the side but being ethical I said no.

It appears now that BountyJobs cut their own deal without me. I am not getting paid. So I guess again BountyJobs wins. I would say do not use them, do not suggest them and do not send candidates. I hope everyone knows that they are calling the candidates as well after a few months. So in a nutshell they are building their own database of viable candidates.
Wow Christine! This is quite a bombshell. In the past I've found myself being interested in some of the details behind the scenes there at Bountyjobs. Are you saying you made a placement and after the client tried to get out of paying the fee that Bountyjobs worked out an agreement with the client and will be getting some form of payment and you will receive nothing?

That sounds like an actual crime to me. Is this what you are saying?

Maybe BJs will stop in to clarify this. I know I certainly would if someone was posting something like this about me.......
Try EliteSplits.Com We offer a 30 day trial for split and full fee placements. We DO NOT charge a percentage of any placement fees, direct contact with your network, set your own fees and guarantee.
I thought I would give you my take on Bountyjobs. I have been recruiting for 5 years now, two years with one of the larger franchises, and then for the last three on my own. I got involved with Bountyjobs in December of 08. I haven't had much trouble getting accepted to work on positions, I just haven't had much luck working with companies that give any type of feedback. For example, one of the companies that I was working with accepted 40+ recruiters, got 90+ resumes submitted to them, then sent out a message that they weren't going to fill the position. In six months when they decide to fill it they will be able to contact any of the 90+ candidates that were submitted, and owe no fee. Some of theose candidates will obvioulsy not be interested in six months, but some will. As others have said on other threads, you are much better off working with companies that you have developed a good relationship with and that value your service. I will probably throw a candidate in every once in a while if I don't have another place to put them, but I would venture to say that there are very few recruiters that could stay in business working only through Bountyjobs.
Thanks everyone for the help. I'm still a bit torn if I should even pursue the program. Why do you guys think Bounty Jobs is so popular with all these things considered? Naturally I would think that the open marketplace concept pushes recruiters to settle for a lower fee, but generally does that fee still outweigh doing 50/50 splits?
I would like to stress extreme caution in using any sites along these lines. I have had the fortune to utilize bountyjobs and recruitalliance as both an outside recruiter as well as from the client side while I was recently an internal, corporate recruiter with a manufacturing facility in my area. The premise for siites like these are great....basically they handle the sales piece for recruiting firms and how could that possibly be a bad thing? They seem to round up larger corporate clients and keep the fee range reasonable (unlike Dayak and other sites that have ludicrous "referral fees"). So the problem? They are terrible time wasters for everyone involved. On the agency side, you will spend time on a job and submit candidates and almost 100% of the time get little or no feedback. You are competing with literally thousands of other firms chasing the same candidates. The clients get discouraged quickly because the majority of submittals are absolute unqualified garbage, so their responsiveness drops off fast. On top of that, bounty does not cut a check until after the 60-90 guarantee period is over so the full cycle will take 4-6 months. Long and short, these are good tools that should be in a recruiters repertoire, but you should NEVER put yourself in a situation that you will succeed or fail based on these types of tools alone. In this economy, there is only one right solution....pick up the phone...and market. There's still clients out there. Bounty will just kill your business.
My two cents...
Yes, you have to become one of "them". LOL I have access to one of their competitors. Please check us out..... www.usstaffinggroup.com We are a "team" of independent FULL DESK recruiters that work together as a company. We are a virtual firm and are looking for strong full desk independents to grow with our team... Please contact me at kim.ross@usstaffinggroup.com. Look forward to speaking with you.
This is all very good info. I have heard terrible things about those sites and groups. I want to introduce myself as an entrepreneur in recruiting in today's times... (At least, I think so... LOL) Seems like many of us are exploring all options in today's market. Just be careful and always trust your gut!!!

My goals, in what I am trying to accomplish, are only to help recruiters be as successful as possible, while working with our team.... This said... the more successful my recruiters are, the more successful I am, but the more successful they are, too. It's a cycle... This world is too big to worry about the small problems in life.

Here is my gig..... I have put together a new elite virtual firm for independents to work as a group and get the support of a true firm and other recruiters. I handle all back office stuff, provide training, support and whatever else it takes for us to succeed. We are new, but with new/fresh ideas. Let's face it, in today's economy, we recruiters need to change with the times. I've put together a unique firm that understands this. I am very open to ideas, suggestions, comments, etc. So, please check us out......

Please check out our website at www.usstaffinggroup.com We are recruiting high-level FULL DESK independent recruiters to bring in business, recruit on other jobs and gain from the support of others in these trying times. My business/compensation model is a win-win for everyone on our team. We are national and focus on many verticals. We are the new era of recruiting. We "connect people with business." And, we are here to help you to the same. Please contact me through our website to discuss details, etc.

Wishing all Recruiters much success!!!

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