Has anyone advertised job vacancies on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook? Has it been a success?

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Hi Ami - Not on Twitter or Facebook. We post on LinkedIn through our licenses with them. Yes, it 's a good option.

Thanks Ryan, everything can be done via social networks now . Hope you are well


I have been following up with numerous people who placed paid ads on Linkedin.   It's a waste of money hands down from all those people (10-15 people). 

I once placed someone via a contact made via a Linkedin job discussion - that was lucky - usually that doesn't bring value either. 

I have never made a placement via a Twitter or Facebook contact. 

Networking - networking - that's what works.  Linkedin in great for that - but not the ads



We use all three.  There are numerous services out there that will automatically post positions to them for you (we use Bullhorn Reach, but there are a number of them).  While the impact on our hiring has been minimal, it is yet one more avenue for us to source for talent, especially when we are looking in remote areas, or for a hard-to-find talent.

Thanks chuck and mellanie I myself have never found a job on facebook or twitter but know people that have. Its crazy to see that a few years ago we would never dream on posting jobs on social network sites how times have times have changed hey :-)

Not only have times changed, I think the market is changing.   During the recession, we had huge pools of candidates for positions - we've already started seeing those pools start to dwindle.  We hire thousands of part-time candidates every year - if we want to contiue filling our contracts with clients, we need to have access to every possible source.


That's one of the frustrating things about Craigslist - they are a FANTASTIC source of candidates for us, but the hoops we have to jump through to be able to post on their sites without being banned are ridiculous.

Completley agree with you some of the stuff you have to do is madness and the slightest word out of place and it disappears off the site never to be seen again.

How do you currently recruit and what way are you finding works best?

If you decide you want to give it a try let me know Amie, We have some users that love it, some that don't. I think it really depends on your network on these sites. IT and Engineering jobs seem to be getting the most views and applicants. We do free trials for 30 days and I promise you'll have no obligation or hassles from us. You don't need a credit card and you can keep any candidates that turn up. Your jobs post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when it goes out to our distribution network.

There are stories of sourcing people off twitter. I just interviewed 2 recruiters who did that for my podcast. They will be published in the next few weeks at http://blog.careercloud.com/career-podcasts

Thanks Chris :-)

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