How do you handle a client who grills the candidate about how they were found?

I had a client "grill" my candidate about how thwe found them and how they knew me.  I actually got this candidate from another recruiter I do splits with and the candidate disclosed she was working with my associate but knew that my associate was forwarding her resume to me.  Then the client wanted to know how my associate and I were tied together.  I told the client that I would be working with other excellent recruiters to fill these jobs, so was very upfront about that.  Unfortunately, the candidate felt the pressure and told the client what site she had been found on.  This is a new client with potentially lots of business to come over the years. 

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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I would not concern myself over it as many DIY type clients post on all the job boards. What I would focus on is the added value that you as a professional recruiter offer in your screening, interviewing, strength and weakness of the candidate in your in-depth report you provide the client on each candidate in advance of the interview, which also summarizes why you are summiting them for the position.  You shorten the assignment to hire time, present better and very screen candidates who not just fix the job description but also the culture of the firm.

While many will value this service, others will always be looking to DIY or do it cheaper. Which is why we have Home Depots and Wal-Marts for that philological need.


Best of luck and a prosperous 2012

Ed Ostrand

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