If I were to ask you to rate your relationship with your brother on a scale of 1-5, 1 being poor and 5 being outstanding, how are you going to do it? You cannot give a 3 and wonder what that is supposed to mean. So, we realize that it is difficult to measure engagement using quantities, right? Measuring employee engagement is hard because there is no clear definition as to what employee engagement is. Is it satisfaction? Or is it Happiness? Or is it adherence to Core values?

Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Have a people friendly environment in your workplace: Now how do I do this? I will conduct surveys and measure employee engagement and improve my workplace environment.
  • Anonymous feedback: Most of the time employees do not want to disclose their identities. In that case, you should keep in mind that you protect your employees’ identities by making the feedback process an anonymous one. This will make them feel comfortable sharing their feedback openly.
  • Gather insightful data: Like I mentioned earlier, try not to quantify your employees’ feedback. Try to include questions like:
  • Where do you see yourself in three years?
  • Where are you in terms of your company’s goals?
  • How are you contributing to the company’s success?
  • What is your perception of the work that you do?
  • How do you think your manager recognizes your contribution to the company?
  • How do you manage to give your best to the company?
  • How would you endorse the company to the others?
  • How would you promote the company if you were the Ambassador?
  • How do you think you would analyze your leaders in the company?
  • How well do you understand your company’s mission?
  • How is your approach to work aligned with your company’s objectives?
  • How are your goals compatible with the company’s core values?
  • If you were made the CEO of the company, what would you change?

Try these questions and limit the responses to 100 words. This will make your employee engagement more people friendly and inclusive.

  • Create employee surveys quickly: HR teams can design and implement employee surveys quickly and easily on their own without involving any learning curve.
  • Understand your employees pulse: Incorporate an inclusive work culture by understanding what works for your employees with the responses that they give in employee engagement surveys.
  • E-communication: E communication redefines employee engagement through a performance management software. Emails are the primary mechanism of communication in any organization. For instance, the E-communication platform in Synergita enables HRs to engage their employees through emails and a visually appealing dashboard with powerful metrics to send out emails. E-communication has numerous benefits:
  • The HR can communicate effectively from one efficient platform.
  • The HR can customize the emails according to one target audience.
  • The visually appealing dashboard enables leaders to keep track of their emails, what seeks the attention of their employees, what communication strategies work best for their employees.

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