How to find large numbers of Java Developers quickly?

In one role and skill set we have a "multiple of ten's of openings" in St. Louis to fill in a short time frame with one customer. If you have gone through this before, was there any one particular method that you employed which had the greatest impact at capturing a large percentage of the opportunity? 

We are willing to subcontract and engage independent recruiters. Compensation and Rates are appropriate for Developers with 5 years experience in Java, EJB, Struts, JSP, Eclipse, XML/XSLT, PL/SQL.

Appreciate any ideas and suggestions you may offer.



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Hi Ken,


Dice is a good job board for Java developers.

I do sourcing and charge by the hour if that is of interest. I used to be a Java engineer myself years ago.


Irina (profile)

Thanks Irina for replying. I'll get back with you if we go that route.  -Ken
There are a few Java only job boards as well, is one.
Thanks Dylan. We use and have used Dice in the past. In addition we utilize linkedin, yahoo and google groups local to an area, even use facebook and twitter. Referrals and our $1,000 referral bonus program help too. Still, where I think we need can improve is at low-tech methods of discovering talent through networking. Besides these, we want to establish relationships with independent recruiters and staffing firms where we are not in direct competition.

How many do you need I can have 30 to 40 people to you ASAP through a compant that has people on the bench right now ready to go to work in St Louis in 48 hrs..    email me

Hi Ken,

I work for a software company and was going to suggest Dice as well.  In our case, when we've gotten a candidate from there, their friends follow!  Good luck.



Dice is a solid offering for your need, however depends on the number of people you are looking for.  Certain projects require large numbers and that service will not provide a large numbers.  However for a few positions it will work well.  If you are looking for a large number, it will require a strategic network in the area and there are various ways to generate that quickly.  A lot of the recommendations mentioned will work, you will need to do them in conjunction with each other if the number is large. 


I do believe that referrals and networks with this type of work is a must have.  In addition a solid teaming arrangement with a select number of subcontractors is a must have.  Doing larger projects with the government, we have RFQs requiring 35 - 250 people at a time.  You can search Dice all day and never find what you neeed.  Teaming arrangements with partners (good ones) provide the ultimate infrastructure for success when you need large quantities of people.

I appreciate everyone's response. I agree with all of you.  To consistently achieve high candidate coverage you have to employ a multi-faceted approach towards recruiting.  Also, recruiting doesn't start with receiving a job order. It's knowing what kinds of people your clients need on a recurring basis and "always be recruiting". Sourcing, Referrals, participating in SIG and professional associations, job boards, social media,  web forums such as linkedin, and especially strategic relationships with independent recruiters and staffing firms are all important and necessary.  I would like to develop new connections with independent recruiters and staffing firms who are capable of assisting us with recurring IT contract labor needs in St. Louis, Bloomington, MN and Orlando, FL.  Thank you and Best regards.  -Ken

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