I must have missed the memo - but can we just say ANYTHING we want nowadays?

Some things just bug me. Period. Every once in a while I'll have a thought that I can't seem to get past until I complain about it. Do you mind?

I just got an email ad from Bullhorn. I'm sure they're a great company and I hear good things about their stuff in fact have friends that use it. But does that mean they can just say "anything" that sounds good in their ads?

Here is my complaint - the first line in their ad is "Danny Cahill – the only industry guru who runs a search firm every day......" Is this true? Are you kidding me? I am sorry but I'm going to take issue with that. This is in the same category as Bountyjobs's leader in the video (which is still up by the way) saying they are makeing "Thousands of placements annually"......

No they are not. They are failing miserabley (from what I hear).

And no Danny is not the "only industry guru who runs a search firm every day" either.......

I bet I'm sounding like Andy Rooney but I am sick and tired of being lied to just because nobody is expecting the truth any more.

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I know several of those.

Maureen Sharib said:
Let's list out the industry gurus who run search firms every day. If you are one, raise your hand. If you know one mention them here!
Jerry, This is a GREAT Post. If the job for your butler is still open I am available, virtually:)! I agree with all of the posts here. These "experts" are an insult to our profession and integrity. Everyboby is a guru...I have learned to despise this word after all of my years in the biz. I say we all call them out and ask them what is really going on. The problem is they would not answer the call out.
For years, I have attached a Post It on my computer - (Well, in the interests of reality- have had to occasionally replace it when the stickiness gave out) that has the initials -- T A L - standing for They All Lie. So perhaps the discussion should become -- what is truth?
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