Hi guys, 

I just wanted to get a some different outlooks and people's attitude on social media within the recruiting space? Any recruiters used it and believe it works or not, and are there any recruiters who haven't and won't use it? If so, why not?

I'm looking forward to hearing your replies


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HI Theus, I have used social media - but i feel it is no effective. candidates/ job applicants are not used ti this medium as yet. responses are not many. confidentiality is an issue deterring usage by applicants. 

Interesting, what platforms are you trying to engage with your target candidate on? Thanks for the feedback!

Theus I have been using Social Media for about 3 years now for Recruiting (as well as employee engagement, benefits communication, training, etc) and I find it to be a very effective tool in my overall recruiting arsenal. In 2011 out of 55 new hires for my company 6 came direclty fron LinkedIn sourcing/recruiting while two came from Twitter followers of the corporate jobs page and 1 from similar following on Facebook.

I also receive many applicants based on folks seeing my participation in various industry related (construction) blogs!

Using SM has enabled me to reduce my big job board spend by approx. 60%  and also reduce costs in other areas as well. Overall recruiting budget has been shrinking year after year as a result of SM successes while quality of recruiting has improved!

Social Media has also helped to improve employee engagement and communications while also improving communications to the families of our workers. Defintley a valuable part of my recruiting war chest!

Thanks Ron and Maisha, two very evident proofs that social media has a place in the recruiting space (especially your phenomenal saving on 'big job board spend' Ron). In London, many people are skeptical about social media and have automatically associated social media with the more domesticated likes of Facebook or Twitter.

Our company are leading the way to show recruiters and companies in other sectors that there is room for social media within their company or respective department. I was going to write a piece according to feedback I have received from this forum, however I feel it may be more appropriate to email you over a few questions for the blog or maybe have a skype conversation further discussing this.

If you'd be interested in this just drop me a line at theus.amuah@esocialmedia.co.uk

Many thanks 

We use the phone and email less today. You cannot really say NO to a new communication tool. It is like saying no to a mobile phone, or any new  communication channel. Email replaced Fax, and it is just one sample of a change.

Hey Theus, social media is definitely an important part of any recruiting effort. Using all of the info individuals provide allows you to target the best candidates either with ads or direct appeals. We have over 10,000 companies using our app to get applicants through Facebook. By advertising jobs directly to people that have already shown interest in your company by "liking" your page, you can reach individuals familiar with your brand. We think this is a great way to get the best candidates for open positions. Check out our app at http://www.work4labs.com or if you have questions email me at jhorton@work4labs.com

Hi Theus - I believe it's all in how it's implemented and the ecosystem the candidate has working along side the social media. Things like are they apart of relevant organizations, do they blog about their career insights, how does their LinkedIn page look, ect. If those are all working correctly in together then social media can become much more powerful and relevant to the hiring manager or company.

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