we are small but extremely  busy  perm placement firm-

We have been using winsearch -which is not a bad  program  but has not seen  any updates in years.

so we are looking for newer features such as mobile access, better linkedin/ 3rd party vendor integration,,better reporting, equally  easy to use; and ideally quick and easy scheduling of calls ...

we  are used to planning our days out on the calender  and jump from a calender to candidate/resume  quickly and easily ..  

We have looked at the typical players  maxhire, pcr,sendouts,cbiz, target recruit and others. All have their positives and negatives

Our short list is  sendouts and cbiz but would love to hear peoples  opinions and views on the various products especailly if they have  moved from pcr or winsearch  both of which we have used over the years

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Try www.ikrut.com . It's a really cool free applicant tracking system. 

It's not specifically designed for small placement firms so it won't work exactly as stated in your post but it's got lots of great tools you'll like such as free job board distribution and video application submissions from candidates which is a great way for your candidates to stand out from your competitors when they are deciding who to shortlist.

The core system is free with extra modules provided by partner companies if you want to use them.

iKrut - free recruitment software

I have been very happy with the CATS platform (www.catsone.com). It meets my needs as a lone wolf TPR, but has plenty of features for collaborative workgroups. It recently got a facelift/tuneup and is very pleasant and intuitive to use. Worth a look.

Hi Rich,

I run Intelligence software and design Intelligence which is specifically focused at businesses like yours. I'd be very happy to arrange an online presentation if you can let me know a convenient time.

Best regards

Shane McCusker

Intelligence Software


+44 7973828811

Skype: intelligencesoftware

I would go with Bullhorn.  Best one I have ever used.  It works in the modern world.  

I utilize Bullhorn. It's reliable and in the cloud. You can access it anywhere and your data is secure. I can't ever remember the system being down in 3 yrs. It has some flaws,it is not Mac friendly, only compatible with Internet Explorer & a mediocre email application, but for tracking, sourcing, calendaring, Linked In interface and queries it's pretty darned good. They were recently purchased, so I have hopes that one day soon, I'll be able to use it with an Ipad. The email portion does however sync beautifully with an Iphone.


I use and love Jobvite for a small company and has everything that you're looking for!

Jobscore (www.jobscore.com) is a free web based ATS that is pretty good.  You may want to take a look at them in your search.

Hi Rich,

If you have a larger firm, I have heard BullHorn is the way to go.  We are smaller (3 Recruiters) and I have been shopping for a new ATS for the past few weeks.  I have demo'd 4 different solutions - CBIZ, MaxHire, PCR and Big Biller and am scheduled with Sendouts in the coming days.

So far, MaxHire and CBIZ are the only ones I'm considering - with a lean toward CBIZ.

Your best option is to set up a demo with each one to see what the features and layouts are.  We use Outlook and integration is important - they all do it differently.  CBIZ wins in that catagory but MaxHire has some nice integration as well.

Some use a shell program that needs downloaded to the computer.  Others are fully cloud based and you access them on a website.  The shell doesn't bother me personally b/c you can put it on any computer and it's a fast download (only 2-3mb's).  If you visit clients offices and would need access, web-based will be the way to go. 

Anyway, best of luck with your search and please report back with your results.

~ Eric Vecchiola



we tried maxhire for a week-- the people were great and company had great functionallity. but it had a horrid  workflow for our purposes..  we are moving to cbiz -- VERY customizable  you just need to ask..  and they will get it done.   THe conversion process is also a little unique (more hands on)   but again  great people and  they are full web based. or you can use a thin client  or even switch back and forth  with out any problems

We have been using CATSONE ATS for sometime now- it has excellent features and it is very easy to use.

try Zoho Recruit ... 

if you need more list contact me I will post complete ATS list for you .

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