Question of the Day: From first contact to offer acceptance, what is the quickest placement you've been involved with?

In follow up to today's RBC Daily:

From first contact to offer acceptance, what is the quickest placement you've been involved with?

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3 days:

day1: sent pre-qualified candidate's resume to client and arranged interview for the following morning

day2: client liked what he saw and presented an offer that afternoon

day3: candidate accepted offer

My quickest completion of a job opening--from contract to invoice--was about 25 days. In 2007, I placed a SVP of Account Services at the regional office of a large marketing communications agency. For this search, I submitted just one candidate. The president of the company liked the candidate's CV so much that he immediately picked up the phone, got the candidate in for interviews, and made an offer on the spot which was accepted. It was also my single biggest invoice. Ah, those were the days.

3 days from assignment, first contact and to offer acceptance.


Maybe not a fair one to analyse: I met with the company on Monday and they gave me three names of who they would consider hiring.  I called each potential candidate on my way home from the client meeting. The first one I called was interested, and we met that evening.  Set up the interview - while still meeting with him - for Wednesday morning.  The offer was made on the spot (a very good offer) and accepted immediately.  Later that day the other two potential candidates finally got back with me and I told them the position was filled - they both were interested but said they didn't want to appear "eager"!  Guy I placed is now President of company.  Love it when it is easy - also love the tough ones!

I was presented a niche job that was impossible for my client to place and we found a candidate and placed them in the position AND they started in less then a month.  This secured a long lasting partnership with a client that had never partnered with an agency.  We have now just placed our 3 candidate with them!

3 days...more importantly they paid 2 days later.  Ah, miss those days!

Spoke with a new-ish client at 11am on a regular catch-up call when the Client mentioned a requirement for a Junior Software Tester with french language skills and  I mentioned a Candidate I had spoken with who sounded like they would fit the requirement. Client agreed with me and agreed to interview that day if the Candidate was interested. Called the Candidate and sold the opportunity. Candidate delighted but had yet to update their resume. Called Client to arrange interview and explained the fact that resume would not be available, Client was happy to proceed with interview at 2pm which went well. Offer made at 3pm and accepted. Candidate started the next day in a new perm position and became one of their top employees.

Hell of a day, what a buzz though! It only ever happened once but it did teach me not to over-rely upon a resume, people 'buy' people not MS Word documents.

Not as quick as some of these, but including our fee being wired (and available!) into our account, 13 days. Included a trip from U.S. to Quebec with a rush passport being issued....

25 Days..including sourcing, first phone call, 4 rounds of interviews with senior leaderhsip and onboarding..our SLA for the level of position I was sourcing for was  90 days.  Note: the hiring manger did ask, Could we move the process along quicker next time..  :)

This was a recent one.  Got the position on 1/26, got the candidate on 1/27.  He accepted on 2/8 and starts next Tuesday. 

Some times (though rarely) in contract staffing a client (who trusts you) simply says "We need a guy in here Monday" and I will then connect with a qualified person and hire them.  Not quite the same - but it is always a thrill!

About three hours.  Client called, had the candidate he interviewed within an hour, offered on the spot, accepted and started at 1:30 after he and the Sr. partner went to lunch.  I took the rest of the day off.  The shock was too much to deal with.

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