Question of the day: How many placements did you make this year directly through the efforts of social media?

We debate it back and forth on a regular basis. Some feel it is the greatest tool since email, others not so much. Yes- for some recruiters social media can make a huge impact at your desk. For others it is a time consuming black hole. There is no real right or wrong and not looking to fire up the debate. Let's just stick to facts......

How many placements did you make this year directly through the efforts of social media?

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Nada, zilch. Got one interview set up but only because his mother was a candidate I placed who saw a Facebook update. He didn't get the job.

Other than LinkedIn? Zero. But LinkedIn has worked out pretty well for me over the years... This year through LI I'm probably around 5-10.

Linkedin is not social media - so I didn't count that.

Just because it works, doesn't mean Linkiedin is not a social network.   Is media the sticky word?

Considering the poster put it in his graphic, I assume he's including Linkedin.

So my answer is:

none of your business.


I am presently a corporate recruiter with close to 15 years prior experience working a desk at a couple national recruiting agencies. I do consider Linkedin as a form of Social Media and have hired 6 folks so far in 2011 that I have found/sourced on LI. They did not respond to posts but were found through research, boolean searchs on LI etc!


I have also hired two folks from Twitter that had found our website through our Twitter jobs page. It is all about the SEO and trying to draw folks back to the website.


Is it time consuming....yes....but worth it.


Is it the be all end all....No way... but Social media should be in my opinion a part of any smart recruiting strategy.

I think the real answer then, Bill would be:

If you are not making placements from Linkedin - you're missing the boat.

If you are not making placements from FB, Twitter and all the other crap - you've got plenty of company.

@ Jerry I agree with that.  I have a JobMagic App on Facebook.  Not really sure how many placements came from there and since JobMagic resides on FB but blasts out to LI, Twitter, email, etc.  I wouldn't know where those people actually came from that responded thru JobMagic.  

If we're talking direct recruiting, then the only social network I use would be Linkedin.


4 (Twitter 2, Youtube 1, Facebook 1) Just under 90k in Revenue from Social Media, YTD.



Looking below, seems like we may be wasting our valuable time with social media. Same answer: ZERO. 

none yet 

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