Has anyone ever just felt frustrated and burned out by this field?  Seems like you spend hours and hours on the computer, your back aches and your eyes hurt and yet it seems you can't find the right person?  Maybe you have some creative ideas on how to pull out of this?  Please share!

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well I threaten to quit on at least a weekly basis :) it happens, often - to the best of us. One thing you can try is a quick "touch base" call with hiring managers who's roles you've filled or even the candidate you filled it with. if it's been within the last couple of months they're usually still be honeymooning and thank you profusely for getting them there/getting them an awesome employee. It can help.

Shari, It gets easier. Sometimes, I find it's good to "shake it up". For example, try working on some different roles. I did a year of front-line, door-to-door sales recruiting (I heard "no" 10x a day), and towards the end I needed to a change.  

All recruiters run into the wall at times. It is the nature of the business and career path. The successful recruiters recognize these moments as being fleeting. One good candidate screen and you will quickly get over the hump. 

Stop, change gears and refocus.  Go off task for a while (time frame is up to you) and come back to it with fresh eyes.  If that means getting up, going out for lunch (change in scenery), writing a blog (inspiration, perhaps?), connecting with an old friend (re-energize), or something like that, then go for it!  My go to is music, chocolate and goofing around. Inevitably the phone will ring just as we are getting started!

Easily cured.

Either: (1) close a deal, or (2) get another job.  It helps to have great clients and great candidates, though.  Burnout happens even to people that love recruiting.  Take a few days off.  Recharge your batteries. It's hard to take it all in stride, but a "damn-the-torpedoes" attitude is really a requirement.  If you don't think that God put you on Earth to be a Recruiter, look into other professions.  Everybody gets frustrated sometimes, but the real Recruiters are the ones who 'get over it' and move onto the next challenge.  Nothing removes one's focus on a 'old problem' better or faster than a 'new problem'.


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