Inspiration from this post made us think why not?

"That should be on a T-Shirt!"

Ok, we all have our thoughts, ideas, sayings, images, lists, etc.  Please submit to us your best and worst ideas for T-Shirts you think we should have in Recruiting. 

We will select a winner, create the shirt and determine the winner or winners.

Bring it on!

Please enter your T-Shirt ideas below, with any images, and lets see what we can make of it. 

Personal Fav:

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@Amy "Recruiting - So Easy a Liberal Arts Major Can Do It." I think this one needs to happen - although as a fine arts major, might explain why I ended up in marketing.

lol @Matt insert crap major HERE. The little time I spent in college was English/Comm, so I'm right there with you :)

I'm back- did you miss me?





******* T-SHIRT!


You're here

to interview for


(Picture of late middle-aged woman laughing hysterically)

Front: Today's Candidate is Tomorrow's Hiring Manager

Back: Today's Hiring Manager is Tomorrow's Candidate

You think recruiters lie?
Have you read your resume?
You think recruiters blow smoke.

Who wrote your job description?

The tooth fairy?

Don't embarrass me in the interview.

If you screw up, I've got two other candidates.

I'm a recruiter, yes, but I'm not stupid.

Love is never having to say, sorry you're no good for this job.

Your personality stinks.

Your resume really turns me on.

The unrecruited life is not worth living.

My job is judging you.

You're just a dollar sign to me.

I don't care if you're a jerk. If I can place you, I will.

So many candidates, so few who can make me money.

Don't trust me. I'm on my side.

A Functional Resume is a Fictional Resume

Hiring Managers are dumb.  (HT Amber Eastman: I saw your posting above).

No, I'm not a telemarketer!

My job is judging you. <- Go Animal!!! Love so many of these. 

I pulled it- it's too vulgar for here.


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