Would you recommend the recruiting industry as a profession for young people to consider today?

Most people don't grow up saying, they want to be a recruiter.  They often fall into it in my opinion.  I know that's what happened to me.  

What do you think about the future of this profession?  Do you think young people should consider this industry, or are there too many threats like social media that could adversely impact the future of the recruiting industry?

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Really? I always thought that one was right up there with being a firefighter or police officer?

On a serious note: I think it depends on how you look at 'recruiting' and 'being a recruiter'. While yes, social media is impacting business in general in a huge way I don't think we will see recruiters or the general recruiting field become obsolete any time soon.

There's a reason that most companies don't just leave the recruiting to the department heads; they don't have the time or expertise to seek out, identify, and properly (legally sometimes) conduct the fact finding and interviews. (Much less facilitate the interview process).

Recruiters seem to be making the shift or split rather, between social media and 'traditional' recruiting tactics. LinkedIn is an obvious point, but how many of us have seem an article or webinar on "successful social media recruiting" or "finding candidates through Twitter and Facebook"? I personally think that while the winds of change are here, the Millennials (myself included) bring a unique skill set and background (growing up practically breathing technology) that is adept to this 'new face of recruiting'. I think the bigger challenge will be coaching and mentoring in a way that dissolves the sometimes negative stigma associated with the field. "Headhunter" still seems like a nasty word to many so perhaps another challenge?


All the best,

Kyle S


I am actually someone that sought out recruiting after having several recruiters try to recruit me - fun being the "only woman commercial loan officer" in the Detroit area!  After asking who are you and what do you do; I thought it sounded more fun than what I was doing.  I asked around and talked with 5 different firms before leaving the banking world and loving everyday in recruiting! 

Where else can you make money on your own success instead of someone paying you what your position calls for?  You are not paid by the hour you are paid for your success in placing the right person with your client.  How can that not be fun?  You can work as hard as you want, as many hours as you want and be paid according to your successes!

I have a nephew and niece also in agency recruiting and they love it too.  My nephew went into it right after college!

Yes, I would recommend recruiting to young people today. 

I believe they should strive to be more tech savy and become much more proficient in all the social media available to reach people.  I would also recommend that they work in a smaller firm rather than a national firm, look for and participate in all the training tools you can find, stay up to date on what is 'happening' in the world of recruiting, and practice their craft constantly to perfect their delivery.   They should also see recruiting for what it is: bringing the right people to the right environment to solve business needs/problems and enhancing and growing professional careers - and having fun while you accomplish something wonderful. 

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