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Minimizing Interview No Shows

"Interview No Shows" by candidates is a frustrating experience recruiters go through and often leaves them red faced. Not only the time and effort put in goes for a toss but what is more painful for the recruiter is his competency/credibility gets under the scanner. In case of agency recruiters this could mean even loosing the client if this happens more than once.

Although it is not possible to totally eliminate no shows, taking a look at the process and messaging might help in… Continue

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Client Acquisition & Delivery Capability

A start up recruitment firm has sizable number of clients and a decent recruitment team in place. It has managed the show well so far but wants to scale up the business to next level now. But being a start up it has limited resources. 


Now as a strategic move the company wants to decide between either going after new clients or hiring more recruiters to ensure that it does not miss out on commitments and delivery excellence.


One worry is if it hires more…


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What do recruiters look for in your resume?

You have less than half a minute to catch the attention of recruiter going through your resume. I am not exaggerating, that’s how busy the recruiters are and that’s what they (think) can afford on scanning through each of those dozens of resumes on a typical day.

And if you fail to get them interested in you through your resume you just end up missing many good career opportunities.  It does not matter how capable, committed and accomplished professional you are.. what matters is how…


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Top 7 Mistakes that "Star" Recruiters do & "Good" recruiters dont

If you are a recruiter, and even if you are a star recruiter, make sure that you dont do the below mentioned mistakes as part of your recruitment process. They are criminal and not excusable. Just because your time to fill and cost to fill metrics are good does not mean that you can get away messing up with the process and system.

1. Not entering the data into the Applicant Tracking System.

Lot of so called star recruiters hide behind the excuse that data entry is too tedious… Continue

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What is Talent???

He was nothing less than extraordinary. It’s been more than a decade that I last saw him, and in all these years I have not come across a more talented person than him. And the best part is, he makes talent look simple, and not complicated.

He topped the University in MBA and got the gold medal. He set a record of 5/5 CGPA. But strangely, I never saw him reading the books. He was early to bed. You can always find him chatting up with friends.

He did not seem to have any… Continue

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Why manage Candidate Experience?

For the good recruiters handling candidate experience is a natural talent. Some thing they do as part of the recruitment process with or without being conscious of it. A great candidate experience helps the recruiter in more than one way.

Better Screening

First of all, the candidate opens up more than he/she would usually do. So recruiter gets to know more about the candidate, his needs and aspirations, strengths & limitations, hot buttons or even red flags and this… Continue

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Interview Tips for the Hiring Manager

Well, I know Hiring Managers don't like to be coached on how to do interviewing. But I think they don't mind reading a blog and making those necessary changes... so here I go with some tips.

1. Doing Structured Interviews

Often Hiring Managers do not have a structure around their interviews. When I say structure I don’t mean the sequence of questions but I am referring to more about the logic. For instance not many hiring managers know about the concept of using CAR… Continue

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A look @ Sourcing with a different Lense

In the coming years, there's going to be phenomenal change in terms of how recruiters/companies source for candidates. Just the way traditional newspaper job ads were replaced by Internet job boards, there will be major shift in the ways and means of sourcing. Given below are few of my predictions around how sourcing channels are going to change…No I am not clairvoyant I am just a recruitment consultant who says things as it is..

1. Job Boards will go under the… Continue

Added by Kiran Gali on October 1, 2009 at 11:00am — 2 Comments


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