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Recruiting Tip: More Calls, More Job Orders, Better Choices

Today’s "Top Echelon Recruiting Tip" comes from industry trainer Jon Bartos of Jonathan Scott International. According to Bartos, there are two things that recruiters should be doing right now:

  1. Increasing their call volume.
  2. Being very selective about which job orders to…

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Recruiting Tip: Using SimplyHired and LinkedIn for Sourcing Leads

Today’s "Top Echelon Recruiting Tip" comes from industry trainer Greg Doersching of The Griffin Group. The tip involves using both a job board and social media in order to uncover the name of a hiring authority at a company that’s currently looking to fill a position.…


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Is a Recession the Ultimate Fitness Test for Recruiters?

Nobody likes recessions, especially when they're as long as the most recent one (and some people claim that the recession really isn't over, regardless of what the National Bureau of Economic…


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Five Things That Recruiters Can Take Away From the Recession

With every recession, recruiters learn lessons—many of them hard lessons—and this latest recession was no exception. Top Echelon Network interviewed a number of its recruiters and asked them what they’ve learned as a result of the recession.

1. Staying positive is more important than you realize.

Being positive is more than just a frame of mind. It also translates into every interaction that you have with candidates and clients and can ultimately affect how…


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Does 'Productivity Down = Hiring Up?' Only Time Will Tell

Many companies have held off hiring new employees for quite some time. The question is how much longer can they continue to do so?

From all indications, not too much longer.

On Tuesday, the Labor Department released its worker productivity numbers for the second quarter. The numbers weren’t that pretty, since they indicated productivity fell 0.9% during the second quarter. That represents the first time that productivity has…


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Know How Good Your Candidate's Credit Is? You Should

It’s bad enough that many companies are taking the stance that they will no longer consider unemployed job seekers for their open positions. Now it appears as though a growing number of them are using credit checks more frequently…


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A Survey: Unemployed Job Seekers . . . and the Companies Who Hate Them

Okay, maybe “hate” is a bit of a strong word. But still.

I’ve written a few blog posts in the recent past regarding the fact that some companies are mandating they will only consider candidates who are employed for their open positions. You can read those blog posts by clicking on the links below:…


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What Does the National Unemployment Rate Mean to Recruiters?

The numbers get thrown around in the national news media all the time. Nearly eight million jobs lost during this recession . . . with only about 600,000 of those jobs recovered . . . and the national unemployment rate expected to hover around 10% for quite some time.

But what…


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Should Recruiters Add Contracting to Their Business Model?

I raised many questions in my previous blog post, too many questions, perhaps. So to show that I've not learned my lesson, I'm going to raise some more.

In that post, I analyzed a article titled "Say Good-Bye to Full-Time Jobs With Benefits," especially the part of the article predicting that…


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What’s the Future Hold for Direct-Hire Placements?

There's no doubt that the most recent recession (or current one, depending upon who you talk to) was much different than previous ones. As a result, it stands to reason that the recovery will be much different, as well. According to a recent article ("Say Good-Bye to Full-Time Jobs With Benefits"), those who work a full-time job in the future may count…


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Social Media + Email = Greater Levels of Marketing Success

In recruiters' rush to take advantage of the social media phenomenon, the power of email may have been overlooked. In fact, in a number of business studies conducted during the past year, email has been found to convert more prospects to customers than social media efforts alone.

Recruiters have traditionally relied upon email to market themselves, their services, and their job orders to candidates and companies . . . long before social media sites like LinkedIn and…


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B-Level Candidates? Then It's a B-Level Company

When the hiring manager at one of your clients informs you that unemployed candidates will no longer be considered for their job openings, the best question you can ask them is also the simplest:


It's not the only question, by any stretch of the imagination, but just like any objection, it must be overcome by finding out the true reason for the objection. Once you find that reason--and are able…


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Unemployed A-Level Players: A Hidden Opportunity for Recruiters

As I stated in my previous blog post, it's becoming more and more difficult to place the unemployed. Some companies are omitting them from the job search process, sight unseen, to the point where they're telling job seekers not to apply in their job posting and…


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Should Unemployed Job Seekers be Ruled Out? Some Think So

Traditionally, recruiters have sought out job seekers who are already employed, as opposed to those who are not.

Apparently, they are even more prone to doing so in the current economic climate.

According to a recent article ("Looking for Work? Unemployed Need Not…


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