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What Is A Toxic Work Environment – And How Can You Survive One?

Are you aware of the concept of the toxic work environment?

As you’ll gather from the name, it’s not a carefully-designed new system for maximizing work satisfaction and productivity. Rather, it’s an accidental phenomenon that is becoming all too common.

Why ‘toxic’? Because working in such an environment like this can be bad for your health. Not because you’re clearing up spilled chemicals or handling hazardous substances. It could be an office, a…

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A Tool To Help You Decide Whether To Apply For That Job

When you really need to find work or are desperate to leave your current position, it seems like every job you see advertised becomes a ‘maybe’ – even if you would normally never look at it twice.When you really need to find work or are desperate to leave your current position, it seems like every job you see advertised becomes a ‘maybe’ – even if you would normally never look at it twice.

But applying for jobs is time-consuming, and a job search pursued in the wrong spirit can be…


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How To Negotiate A Raise Without Looking Entitled

There comes a stage in everyone’s career when, no matter how happy they are with the type of work they do, their surroundings, and their achievements, it feels like it’s time to move on.

Often, the pushing factor is money. Nobody likes to get stuck on one rung of a ladder, especially when we see our friends and rivals moving on up to…


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10 Ways To Build Trust With Employees

Atmosphere matters. For your business to truly prosper and your crew and clients to feel satisfied, an atmosphere of trust is essential. It just takes a bit of discipline and adherence to the rule book to keep a business afloat – but if you’re interested in excelling, it is people that you need to invest in, not your ledger book.

Ironically enough, putting people above profit can improve your profits in the long run. Look at the stats:…


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What’s on Mark Zuckerberg's Desk (And What Does That Teach You About Work)

Blaming poor professional performance on a shoddy desk environment is a bit like the workman blaming his tools. But on the other hand, a well-kept desk both reflects and encourages a tidy mind.

If you think of your desk as just a place you sit to do work, it’ll likely pile high with all kinds of mess and distractions that will hamper your productivity. Taking a few moments now and then to tidy your work area and re-consider the stuff that you keep to hand can help you to shape a…


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An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard in a Meeting

Being an introvert is tough at the best of times, but at least in your personal life you can handle things to some degree. At work, however, this isn’t possible as you are daily thrust into environments with many people and interaction is expected of you.

To get better at coping with your introversion in the workplace, Onward have created this guide with tips about how to get…


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Advice For New Employees: Survival Guide For First Job Etiquette

There are few things more daunting than starting your first job, which takes place in a totally new environment with new people, new rules and new expectations.

Navigating this unfamiliar landscape is stressful for everyone, so here are some tips to get you through those scary first few weeks:

  • Introductions - Meeting new…

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7 Storytelling Structures to Improve Your Presentations

In his book The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories, Christopher Booker states that everything ever written boils down to seven basic plots.

Using these story frames, you can share your life experiences to inspire your team and bring your presentations to life.

1. Overcoming the Monster

This is the typical heartwarming story…


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Workplace Strategies To Help You Remember Anything

Nobody outside of HR quite seems to appreciate the amount of details recruitment workers need to handle. Juggling the particulars of countless vacancies, applicants, and intermediaries can be a tiring task – but we all know that recruiters with a Rolodex memory have a massive advantage and frequently make great things happen just by drawing connections between all those bits of information in their heads.

So what can you do to put yourself in that league? Luckily, there are several…


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How To Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Anyone who has set up a Facebook profile, or more or less any other social media profile, already has the skills to set up their own LinkedIn presence. The difference is that LinkedIn has a purpose beyond leisure and enjoyment, and that you must play the game within tighter, more specific parameters if you are to advance your career and make encouraging new connections.

Like Facebook, however, it all begins with photos. On LinkedIn, you tend to make your first impression with a pair…


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An Illustrated Guide To Office Clichés We Should Stop Using

Every office is a microcosm all of its own. The same bunch of people turn up week after week, to work under high pressure towards a fixed goal – it’s no wonder if they all start to act and talk like each other. In-jokes and nicknames that make no sense outside of those four walls become the order of the day.

Yet a handful of office-speak phrases seem to have crossed cultures from one office to another and another…  until they have become clichés that people everywhere recognize – even…


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10 Haikus About Office Life

Office life can be a thing of great extremes, with every triumphant, team-uniting high counter-balanced by days when the team fails to click and every email carries bad news. But for most offices, most of the time, the general atmosphere is one of habit, routine, and bittersweet predictability.

You know who’s going to arrive first in the morning, who’s going to be late, and who’s going to pick up the workload from the latter; you’re subconsciously aware of where the cookie crumbs…


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The Ultimate New Hire Checklist

Taking on new staff is an exciting time for all involved, but along with the new energy and sense of opportunity it is important to respect a sense of discipline and of strategy.

While you want your new recruit to feel welcome and to quickly bond with his or her new colleagues, throwing them into the soup and hoping for the best is not a very professional way of getting started: rather, a combination of preparation, scheduling and feedback will give your good intentions a structure on…


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A Guide To Responding To Negative Staff Reviews On Glassdoor

For business managers with better things to do, dealing with the employer-rating website Glassdoor can feel like a waste of precious time. Yet little could be further from the truth.

Glassdoor is one of today’s loudest voices when it comes to the reputation of companies, their processes and management. Over thirty million job seekers…


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