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How to Tell If A Recruiter Can Be Your Next HR Manager…

Posted by Kris Dunn:

One strong opinion I have is this – if you aren’t recruiting as a HR Generalist, you’re an administrator, subject to being outsourced at your employer’s whim in the future.  I believe HR people need to be heavily involved in the Talent acquisition process in their companies.  I know recruiting can and is outsourced, but if you are good on the…


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5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Facebook Post Go Viral

Everyone is now a marketing expert. Anyone can be famous.

This is what social media has taught us over the last few years. A lady flips off the wrong unknown soldier and in less than 24 hours a chunk of the country is screaming for her head. This guy …


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Facebook Launches ‘Lame’ Job App

Posted by Vanessa Bostwick

You may want to rethink hitting that ‘sell’ button next to your LinkedIn shares. It appearsFacebook’s newest job search app has landed with an unceremonious thud in the recruiting space.

Last week the app launched with much fanfare, probably because Facebook has done little to nothing when it comes to creating job apps.…


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Mobile Recruiting Trends: Job Seeker Data Tells the Story

Posted by Ed Newman

Over the last couple of years mobile recruiting has been on a steady incline. But while some companies are jumping in with both feet, for every early adopter there is another 100 companies still on the fence.  Most of what you hear about are the statistics regarding the number of smart phones being purchased and the percentage of overall web…


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The Smart Phone Explosion is Driving Mobile Talent Part 2 of 2

Posted by Ed Newman

Yesterday I shared a few data points from our new white paper Smart Phones in the Workplace, which will be published next week. [Click here to read Part 1] It is a survey of professional…


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The Smart Phone Explosion is Driving Mobile Talent Part 1 of 2

Posted by Ed Newman:

A few weeks ago I wrote about how email has become a key driver of mobile recruiting. I was essentially making an educated guess that a big percentage of email is being read on mobile devices, largely because of the way I read email.  Even before I switched from a Blackberry to…


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Ahead of Earnings Call, Analysts Speculate About Monster Acquisition!

As Monster Worldwide’s earnings report approaches, rumors that the job site is once again facing a possible buyout are swirling.

Over the past five years, Monster has been the subject of almost two dozen takeover rumors by electronic news services, brokerages or newspapers, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Towards the end…


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The Likeability of Your Recruiters Is About Much More Than Just Being Polite

Posted by Kris Dunn:

You’ve got recruiters.  They recruit for you.  If you’re in a competitive space, the candidates who interact with your recruiters consider the jobs they offer as commodities.

I know.  Commodity is a harsh word.  After all, don’t these candidates know how special your company is?  How the most important asset is people?  The values… The…


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Trends in Mobile Recruiting: The Silos!

Posted by Ed Newman:

If you work in Human Resources chances are you have heard the Silo analogy once or twice. Ok maybe more times than you care to remember. But the silo issue is not exclusively an HR issue.  All business functions are potential silos.  Departments are set up so that we can apply concentrated resources and skills to specific types of work in…


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Your Employment Brand Isn’t What You Want It To Be (It’s What They Say It Is)

Thoughts from the road…

There are a lot of people talking about the best way to pump on their employment brand these days as they prepare for the recovery, which either has started, is getting ready to start or is still a couple of years away depending on your point of view…

Here’s the deal about your employment brand – you can’t make it up and make it what you want it to be. Like your culture, it already exists. Can you move it over time? Sure, with some hard work. But back to…


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15 Weird Gifts For Corporate Clients, By Vanessa Dennis!

Tis the season for giving, especially in the corporate world. As the economy struggles to get back on its feet, many vendors take this opportunity to remind their clients how lucky they are to have their business.

This is the time for departments to dig deep into their pockets (ok, maybe not that deep) and shell out some cash for that bottle of booze or fruitcake that will hopefully see their relationship through to another year.

If you’re like me and you’ve been lucky enough…


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Why High Tech Companies are Behind in Mobile Recruiting!

A few months back we published the Corporate Mobile Readiness Report, an assessment of the Fortune 500′s presence on the mobile web. We evaluated the companies on six criteria ranging from native apps, to mobile optimization of the corporate site, the career site, as well as the continuity between them.  It was not surprising to find out that most companies are not ready.  Less than 30% have mobile corporate websites, and only 13% have a…


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Workday: The $4 Billion HR Company! By Vanessa Dennis!

It isn’t every day that a vendor in HR is called “an emerging force to be reckoned with” by a top market analyst. But that’s exactly what happened when Workday, a maker of web-based HR software, raised $637 million in its initial public offering last Friday.

Workday soared on its open in early trading Friday morning, opening at $48.05 per share. The company is now is valued at almost $4 billion, 39 times its revenue over the past 12 months. The…


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Why Candidates Who Have Worked In Hell Always Work Out! By Kris Dunn

Memory Triggered:  When a credible candidate has worked in an absolute hell-hole where no one likes them, their organization or what they represent, guess what?  They’re probably going to kick #$$ in your company, because your piddly little troubles and drama actually look appealing to them.   They’re battle tested. They’ve been in the depths of hell, and your company’s not hell – it’s just El Paso in the summer.

Background: I used to be a Regional VP…


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Mobile Recruiting: mSite vs. Native Apps, By Ed Newman

Over the last six months as I have fully immersed myself into the world of mobile recruiting one of the first things I learned about was the difference between an mSite and a native app. I have found that there is a lot of confusion out there on this subject as well as some strong opinions, so I thought it would be worthy of a discussion.

First the definitions:

mSite – Also known as a mobile web app, or mobile optimized web site. It is essentially a web site…


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