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"I am not here to make friends."

I have heard people say this in recruitment many times. It sounds like the kind of vacuous horse dung that comes out of the mouths of people who go on the apprentice and think that they are there because they are good at "business" and not just because the producers have deemed that they would make great TV (Really? surely not). The apprentice is a reality TV show, just like X factor. It is there to…


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Canvas calling. Is it the way to get business in 2013?

Morning all, more of a rant than a blog. This morning I am rushing to jump on the tube, I am expecting a potential offer from a top client. My phone started ringing, it was a withheld number. I rush back up the steps at Stepney Green tube station out of breath pressed the green but and answer “JGB Partners” the voice on the other end “Hi Jim, how are you today? Would you be interested in outsourced RPO services?…


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RFP Writers: Still some of the toughest roles to fill

I have been recruiting into Asset Management for nearly 9 years now, I have seen good times, bad times, average times and some down right terrible times but one thing is always constant. There just aren’t enough experienced RFP Writers out there.

RFP writing in the past, at some organisations was seen as a “copy and paste” job. It was an area that people seemed reluctant to get into or work in.…


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How to get into Banking, Asset Management, Hedge Funds or any Financial Institutions. The first step.

The question that I hear the most from people every day is “How do I get into Finance?”. Pre 2008 pretty much anyone could get into financial services if they wanted to, be it an operations role at a custody house or in an investment bank, or even at a hedge fund. There were hundreds of recruiters making thousands of pounds filling these roles. If you had OK GCSE’s or the odd A level here and there you were fine. If you wanted to transfer from a different career to FS, as long as you had…


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Don't shoot the messenger.

The most important thing to consider when applying for a job in Financial Services. (Don't shoot the messenger)

Morning all, 3 weeks into the launch of of our Financial Services division and one thing is more apparent than ever. Clients are more demanding now that they have ever been. When applying for a role you have to have exactly the experience that the…


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JGB partners launches Financial Services division

Good morning everyone,

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Permanent and Temporary Financial Services division. The last six…


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Nothing says 'Hire me' like 'Thank you'

A very simple interview tip. How do you feel when you open a door for someone and they walk through it? Now how do you feel when you open a door for someone, they walk through it, turn and say “Thank you very much, no one opens doors for people anymore”. You feel good don’t you?

Well exactly the same goes for interviewers.  They are definitely overworked, that is why…


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12 Top CV Tips

In the first part of the JGB Guide to CV's we give 12 top tips to getting your CV right.

Part one – 12 Top CV Tips.

Think about what you are opening yourself up to:

If you are of interest to an employer they may well decide to check out your online presence. Take 5 minutes and Google yourself, what comes up? Is it all good? Make sure your Linkedin profile says the same as the CV you have just sent them, make sure that anything personal on Facebook or whatever social…


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