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How to Choose the Best Resume Parser


Ready to streamline recruitment and find perfect talent fast? Dive into our tip series that is your key to success!

Stay tuned for an exciting journey into the world of innovative features that will revolutionize the way you handle resumes.

As technology progresses, the adoption of HR technology and automation is on the rise, aiming to streamline the operations of Human Resources departments. The use of automated…


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Let Tech Drive Your Company’s Skills-driven Hiring in Oracle!

Chris Havrilla recently wrote a piece that highlighted the value of skilled-driven hiring in a company and its importance in today’s competitive industry. The exciting news, however, is that AI-driven technology supports companies and the recruitment processes to thrive as skills-driven organizations.



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RChilli Redefining HR Tech With Its Cutting-Edge Innovations

Innovation is the cornerstone of thriving businesses, propelling growth, driving change, and securing a competitive edge in the industry. Companies that cultivate an innovative culture are assured of long-term success.

However, innovation isn't just an option in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. In fact, it's the very foundation upon which successful enterprises are built. It serves as the driving force…


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RChilli's Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions Shaping the Future of Hiring Practices

Over time, the idea of human resource management is changing and evolving at every step. In the past few years, HR management has moved through different stages. These stages start from the industrial to information & telecommunication technology era, making a significant transition in 'modern digital human resource management.' 

After rapidly adapting to these different stages of change, HR management must now work for the era termed- VUCA, meaning the era of…


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RChilli's integration with Oracle HCM empowers CHROs to overcome hiring obstacles

For decades, enterprises and multinational companies within Oracle space have shared a similar narrative toward managing people and candidates. CHROs and their evolution towards navigating change in a company’s hiring journey have become more nuanced.

RChilli in Oracle HCM- Helping CHROs Beat Their Hiring Challenges

Thanks to their critical and ever-increasing role, they’ve been nicknamed C-suite consigliere, strategy enabler, and diversity champion. their plates are fuller than ever if we speak of the current…


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How Resume Parser Can Be Useful for Oracle Users

When we talk about AI and automation, recruiters tend to have mixed emotions. AI, however, is on its way to lending a helping hand to human resource management globally. Recruitment is a strenuous job, and the existing scenario makes it the most demanding segment for any business. Ironically, as challenging as discovering the right talent is, one wrong hire can prove very expensive. 

What Is A Resume Parser?



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How Generative AI is Changing the Recruitment Landscape

Ever wondered what the future holds for talent acquisition? Imagine a recruitment process that goes beyond traditional boundaries, leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way for building better teams.
Enter Generative AI, a groundbreaking subset of artificial intelligence that opens doors to unparalleled possibilities. But what exactly is Generative AI, and how does it transform the landscape of…

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RChilli Adds Croatian to Its List of Languages Supported

After adding Vietnamese, RChilli can now also parse in Croatian. This new milestone will help the company fulfill its commitment to delivering AI-powered innovative solutions and meeting its customers' linguistic requirements.


  • RChilli…


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RChilli Is the Default Parsing Solution in Oracle Booster

In a move to empower organizations in building stronger relationships with candidates and expediting top talent acquisition, Oracle introduced Oracle Recruiting Booster. RChilli becomes the default parsing solution of Oracle recruiting booster. This strategic collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the talent acquisition industry.…


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RChilli Bulk Profile Import Allows Candidate Profile Creation In Oracle

The plugin ensures a fully secure connection to Oracle, allowing hiring managers and companies to log in via IDCS (Identity Cloud Service) and single sign-on using Oracle tokens.

  • RChilli introduces Bulk Profile…


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Why Should Candidate Experience Be Your Foremost Priority?

why candidate experience matters (1)

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RChilli Through the Lens of Users: Real Impact, Real Stories

RChilli-What our clients say

In the ever-evolving world of recruitment, we're always working to simplify your recruitment process and make them efficient, seamless and forward-thinking. In this vast industry, RChilli stands out as a significant force, and our successes are reflected in the enthusiastic reviews on G2. Those testimonials are more than just praise; they're proof of our ability to tackle the…


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Beat 2024 Hiring Challenges with RChilli Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions

In the fast-paced hiring landscape of 2024, businesses are confronted with unique challenges that demand innovative solutions. This article delves into how the integration of RChilli's Oracle HCM cloud solutions can revolutionize the hiring process and empower organizations to attract, assess, and onboard top talent effectively.

RChilli Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions for 2024 hiring

Now that 2024 is around the corner, it’s important to discuss beforehand- what do organizations…


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Top 10 HR Tech Trends that Will Shape 2024 and Beyond

2024 HR Tech Trends

Human Resources is continuously evolving, and in 2024, it is set to undergo a remarkable transformation. With the integration of cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches, HR departments are better equipped than ever to attract, retain, and manage talent effectively. In this blog, we'll delve into the top 10 HR tech trends of 2024, offering a glimpse of how these trends shape the future of HR.…


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RChilli Expands Its Linguistic Reach with Norwegian Language Support

With the inclusion of Norwegian in its linguistic portfolio, RChilli now empowers businesses in Norway and those dealing with Norwegian-speaking candidates to access candidate data with unparalleled precision and efficiency.


  • RChilli introduces Norwegian language support to enhance…


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RChilli Unveils Cutting-Edge HR Tech Solutions at HR Tech Conference, Las Vegas

RChilli's participation in the HR Tech Conference, Las Vegas serves as a testament to its dedication to advancing the HR tech landscape. The event provides the perfect platform for RChilli to showcase its latest offerings, designed to empower HR professionals, recruiters, and organizations of all sizes.…


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Meet RChilli at HR Tech Conference 2023 at booth no. 2114

RChilli is Exhibiting at the HR Tech Conference & Exposition at Booth No. 2114

RChilli proudly announces its participation in the upcoming HR Tech Conference & Exposition. As…


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RChilli Partners with Epicenter to Revolutionize Oracle Recruiting Processes

RChilli, a leading provider of AI-powered recruitment solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Epicenter, the leading Oracle Cloud integration and data management specialist.


  • RChilli and Epicenter form a strategic partnership to…


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RChilli Is Now HIPAA Compliant

RChilli is now HIPAA compliant

HIPAA certification is a testament to RChilli's dedication to maintaining the best standards of data security and privacy in the healthcare industry. Through this certification, RChilli has fortified its ability to serve healthcare organizations, enabling them to meet the stringent requirements and regulations governing PHI protection.


  • RChilli Inc. achieves HIPAA…


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AI Won't Replace You, Someone Using AI Will

Curious about AI's impact on careers and industries? AI isn't here to replace us but to empower us, transforming domains by handling routine tasks and enhancing decision-making. It's not about job replacement; it's about leveraging AI to improve our work, benefiting professionals and industries.

AI wont replace you, someone using AI will

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has surfaced as a revolutionary power, fundamentally altering industries and overhauling conventional processes. While concerns…


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