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What's Next in the HR Tech World?

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The HR tech future certainly looks bright with HR recruitment tools such as ATS, resume parser, and taxonomy to help ease the burden of HR professionals. These automated tools/software sort and manage candidates and much more, saving you the botheration of…


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How Can You Integrate HR Technology to Enhance Remote Hiring?

As an industry, HR is prone to various transformations and evolutions. It never stays the same. Otherwise, human resources wouldn’t be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of businesses, job seekers, and stakeholders. 

But last year was a change that the world didn’t expect and most companies weren’t ready. The global shift to work from home was also an underlying invitation to higher investments in…


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How Oracle’s Profile Import Help Websites Perform Better?

The global talent marketplace is changing leaps and bounds, and so are the challenges that come with it. For decades, there’s been a significant gap between the employees and the recruiters, which has only been intensified.  

To address the paradox, when integrated with Oracle’s profile import plugin, the websites get better and greater access to a quality talent pool, an enhanced…


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How to Leverage AI to Increase Diversity and Inclusion to Make the Fairest Recruitment Process?

The significance of diversity, inclusion, and equity is no longer a secret nor a surprise. The corporate world is well aware of why it’s essential to foster multicultural workplaces that embrace people of all races, ages, genders, or ethnicity. 

For instance, cognitive diversity can improve team innovation by …


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Meet RChilli at booth #5507 at HR Technology Conference, Las Vegas

RChilli is excited to be a part of the HR Technology Conference & Exposition, Las Vegas, that is taking place from September 28 - October 1, 2021.

HR Tech Conference, Las…


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7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Multilingual Marketing Strategy

Every business requires innovative strategies that show its unique value proposition and help it reach the target audience. Yet, I notice that many entrepreneurs and leaders tend to stick with the well-known formulas to prevent unnecessary risks and no return on investment. 

When talking with business owners, I often hear they would love to…


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HRTech Conference And Empowering Women Workforce

How can an organization help to bring back women in the workforce? How does an organization retain women employees and gain from their contributions?

A …


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Top 5 Multilingual Hiring Tips 2021

Hiring a multilingual workforce is an asset and key to reaching the pinnacle of growth. The buzzword “multilingual hiring” opens new avenues and helps expand the business. But how can you find suitable applicants for the job when the competition for hiring talent is so high?…


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Parse Scanned Resumes With RChilli OCR Technology

Recruiters receive hundreds of CVs in various formats daily, but most of them are not always readable or searchable. A significant chunk for recruiters is the scanned resumes which are a challenge for recruiters. 

What would…

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How do I select the best recruitment software?

Recruiting software is often…


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What is the best way to screen applications for any job?

Resume screening is the first step when you are looking for a person to hire. The average time recruiters spend on a resume is around 7 seconds.

Here are the different ways you can screen applications so that you can effectively evaluate every…


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What's the fastest growing recruiting technology?

We all have seen a complete transformation of everything overnight during the Covid period. The major thing we have learned from this time is quick adaptation and agility to learn new things.

The recruitment industry is also not untouched by all of this. HR…


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How to Make Your Data Migration Process Seamless and Secure?

Data migration is a crucial process that means moving data from various locations to an applicant tracking system. This might sound easy, but it involves a lot of changes.

Data migration becomes a need when an organization changes or upgrades its system. It is imperative that the organization must transfer all its old data to the new system and make things easier for…


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How to Hire Employees for Startup [5 New Startup Recruitment Strategies]

When nobody knows who you’re, attracting the top applicants may be extremely hard.…


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How does automated résumé screening software work?

Resume screening is an integral part of the hiring process because it helps managers find the best candidates. Traditional hiring methods such as going through resumes one by one are becoming inefficient as they are time-consuming and cost more.…


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Top 5 Tools for Social Media Recruiting for 2021

What’s your take on social recruiting?

It is a remarkable result-oriented trend commonly used by recruiters to hire the best fit. The popularity of social media makes it the first choice of recruiters while looking for potential candidates. It is an excellent platform to know the candidates before you interview them.

However, social recruiting needs strategies and a proper…


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The Major Recruitment Challenges Recruiters Face and (Tips to Overcome Them)


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Are there any resume parsing tools that can provide more than 80% accuracy?

Yes, there are resume parsing tools available including RChilli resume parser, CandidateZip, etc. that provide more than 80% accuracy.…


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Future of Hiring in the Post-COVID World: 2021

Have you ever noticed that each pandemic changed the course of the world?

➤ The plague resulted in the fall of the Roman empire and the emergence of feudalism.

➤ Black death in Europe started a new era of renaissance.

➤ Spanish flu made the world develop a new health protocol.

➤ COVID-19 also led the world to go…


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