Recruitment is about creativity these days, where trends keep changing every year. Today is the era of millennials who merely accept jobs; they are selective for organizations and profiles they want to work. It is not all about you searching for talent, but instead, they are searching for you!

Let us pinpoint a few latest trends that will play an essential role in enhancing the recruitment process.

1. Effective Use of Gamification:

The gamification process allows recruiters to test specific skills like time management, work under pressure, innovative thinking during the recruitment process by assigning tasks according to the job opening. This test has different stages of solving with various distractions.

For Example, Dominos launched a game in their recruitment process called “create your pizza.” In this test, applicants asked to create their digital pizza with different limitations. Imagine how such a trend in the recruitment process can break the old traditional patterns of the recruitment process.

2. Multigenerational Workforce:

The year 2020 represents a new chapter in workforce age diversity driven by few demographic changes. Later the retirement of baby boomer and arrival of Gen Z means that organization is going to see more age diversity. This trend will continue in 2021 as well.

The Global Talent Trend Report says that 89% of talent professionals say a multigenerational workforce makes an organization more successful, and 56% have recently updated the policies to appeal to all ages. Gen Z considers training is one of the most valuable parts of their career life, i.e., 36% Genz calls its top factor when considering a new job expert.

3. Introduce Internal Recruiting:

The rebirth of internal hiring: In traditional HR processes, organizations used to fill their open vacancies by promoting their employees. With internal recruiting, the employees are now able to follow a single organization’s lifelong career path.

Gradually this approach is coming back with the new tools and updates. Internal Recruiting is key to retaining talent and can be one of the most cost-effective techniques for recruiting. The internal promotion will boost employee morale and entice them to stick around in the organization.

4. Advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Automation:

You might be reading a lot about how AI will affect HR. The fact is it is becoming more important for HR recruiters in 2020 and 2021.

Thanks to the fast-growing technology, organizations can now use these AI-powered solutions to streamline HR’s critical processes such as recruitment, training, and learning. Sharing a few benefits of AI in an organization:

  • It saves time: Chatbot provides a conversational interface platform that saves time and fastens the recruitment process by resolving the applicants’ queries.
  • It helps in candidate screening: AI-powered recruitment software ATS allows HR professionals to parse a large amount of resumes/jobs in a scalable manner by using a cv parsing api. It extracts data from resumes and saves information in data fields.
  • It helps in improving the quality of hire: With the screening of candidates through AI solutions, HR professionals can encourage unbiased candidate assessment, which will enhance the quality of hire.

5. Power of Candidate Experience:

Candidate experience is one of the most critical trends in HR. Each interaction of candidates with the organization through any source (like screening, interview, etc.) affect their experience towards the organization. This means as an HR professional; you must provide an exceptional experience at each source.

Good candidate experience will make them eager to share their positive feelings with other potential and passive applicants, which helps the employer to build up their brand reputation. Organizations are leveraging AI-enabled recruiting tech to automate the recruitment process.

Would you like to know the methods for a positive candidate experie...

With the help of AI, recruiters can decrease their time to screen, provide immediate communication, and offer continued engagement with relevant job opportunities to candidates. An organization who get this ideally will attract potential candidate and find the perfect fit.

Technology can change only when it is executed correctly. These trends are ready to transform human resources and give it a new direction to achieve overall productivity.


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