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Pre-Recorded Video Interview Software: The Key to Success of Modern Recruiters

Are you a recruiter looking to find out more about Pre-recorded video interviews? Then Congratulations! As you have taken a step in the right direction in improving your recruiting productivity and quality of hire!

Since 2018, video interviewing was already on the way to become a vital…


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High Volume Recruiting: 11 Best Practices to Ace the Campaign.

High volume recruiting is no easy task for every company. Dealing with a gigantic amount of applicants is really time consuming, and if you’re not careful, you might fail to meet the deadline and fail to ensure the candidates’ experience. With hundreds of positions to fill and thousands of applications to screen, you have to make extra effort to stay organized and keep tracks of all of them.

While job seekers have the freedom to access all the data they need about you from your sites,…


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Job Fair: The Ultimate Guideline for Employers

Technological progression makes people argue that doing things online is better and job fairs should be no exception. Both recruiters and job seekers can join with a computer set at home, a groomed face, a formal vest, a decent background, and then ready for the virtual job fair or even a job interview. Are they wearing shorts? Unpleasant body odor? Or even half-naked? Who knows and who cares? But not for the traditional offline job fair where both of them have to make more thorough…


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How to Build Strong Bonds With Your Candidates

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Scheduling Phone Interview: Recruiters' Guide for Efficiency

During this unprecedented time, we have witnessed the increase in both new virtual recruiting methods, including virtual career fairs, and the old but gold screening step called phone interview. As simple as it may sound, phone interviewing is one of the first important touch points between candidates and your company, and it can be optimized. Here are our checklist and tips to nail scheduling phone interviews and…


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Top 9 Essential Career Fair Statistics and Metrics To Measure and Monitor

Career fairs bring exciting opportunities for both job seekers and companies to learn about each other and interact. As an employer, these events give you chances to scout and attract the brightest students and fresh graduates. Thus, you should not only spend time preparing for career fairs but also evaluating your…


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How AI Is Revolutionizing Recruiting and Hiring: A Quick Guide For Modern Recruiters

As the modern workplace continues to evolve day by day, so does the way that businesses recruit their future employees. With recruiting technology advancing by leaps and bounds, artificial intelligence (AI) has come to the forefront to help us work better and smarter. AI recruiting becomes the new frontier and it is essential for recruiters to keep themselves posted.

Regardless of how experienced a recruiter may be, recruitment requires the ability to analyze and sort through lots of…


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Interview Invitation Email Sample: Vital tips to Win Talents

So, your job advertisement has served its function to bring back qualified candidates. You have also scheduled further interviews for potential employees. Now is the time to reach out, discover, and decide on the best fit for the position. It is never a waste to make an effort in crafting an effective interview invitation email. A well-written interview invitation email helps recruiters to save time and improve the candidate experience.

These 5 simple - yet - effective tips and 3…


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15+ Diversity and Inclusion Statistics To Transform Your Diversity Recruitment Strategy

Is your company investing enough in diversity? Well, with the new recruiting season quickly approaching, every company should know best practices of diversity recruiting to attract top talent.

Diversity is one trend that companies need to embrace in 2020. The evidence of the positive impact…


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Top Practitioners Solve For Diversity in Campus Recruiting

At this point we’d like to think that the value of diversity is a given. Not only is creating a diverse workforce in your company the right thing to do, it’s also a proven benefit to business overall. Making diverse hires is both socially valuable and profitable - a more diverse workforce means a more adaptable company, a more diverse marketing department means you can get your message into a vast array of communities much easier, and…


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Best Practices For The Next Tech-Driven Graduate Student Recruitment: Where Should New-Age Recruiters Focus On First?

How is big data changing your campus recruiting strategy?

Tech-driven big data approach is revolutionizing how we do business and analyze data. It is a major theme in nearly every industry today. New-age recruiters who know how to harness the limitless possibilities and the best practices of big data can take out the…


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06 ROI Metrics for Evaluating Recruiting Performances

One of the most important questions to ask when embarking on any recruiting initiative is, “How do we measure our return on investment?” If you’re going to make your recruitment program the best it can be, you need concrete, measureable goals and solid data that shows whether you’re meeting them. Whether a recruiting drive ultimately exceeds expectations or has a lackluster result, the resulting information can make future recruitment efforts far more effective.

Now how do you measure…


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Modernizing Campus Recruiting - Insights From Top TA Leaders

To recruit millennials, you must lean heavily on early adoption of technology. Not only will new technologies make recruiting departments more efficient, but company representatives need to understand the technologies used by the generation/s they are trying to recruit. What does this mean for how we hire from universities? What practices should universities eliminate? What practices should employers adopt? How can campus…


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Are University Recruiters Too Traditional? Score Yourself!

So,we get it. Recruiters and hiring managers alike need to adjust how they recruit to appear more appealing to the Millennials. Because according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2015, Millennials will become the workforce’s new majority, and by 2030, this group will represent 75 percent of the workforce. 

It is clear that Millennials have different values…


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Top 9 Tips When Using Applicant Tracking System as an SMB

The Rakuna team had an incredible week at this year’s NACE 2016 Conference & Expo in Chicago in June. From one-on-one chats with university recruiting professionals during our ride with CEO to attending interactive sessions and thought-provoking keynote addresses, I am excited to share my key learning…


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Best Practice for Accepting Paper Resumes at Career Fairs

The hiring process today is a minefield of laws, regulations and ever-changing legal challenges. Failing to comply can have a wide range of consequences; none of them desirable, and many very expensive. This is why employers need their recruiting and hiring vendors to help protect, rather than expose, them.

A common practice like accepting paper resumes at career fairs and offline recruiting events seem to be straightforward and simple in the past suddenly becomes questionable…


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Hackathon Events in Attracting Prospective Talents on Campus

With top university students so sought after, it’s important to make your company known on campuses. Follow these tips to take advantage of hackathons, events…


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7 Best Practice Strategies for Virtual Campus Recruiting

Hiring graduate talents is one of the biggest challenges companies face today. That’s why hiring teams are steadily adopting virtual campus recruitment efforts in today’s digitized market.

The never-ending mutation of the Covid 19 virus implies that this pandemic is likely to stay with us for months or even years to come. Is your recruitment strategy ready for virtual campus recruiting efforts? Check out these best practices and find out!

What Is Campus…


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10-Step Career Fair Checklist For Employers - Tips & Ideas

When you engage in a career fair, you’re going to run into eager candidates of all styles, stripes, and banners. But the candidates that stand out are always sharp, informed, and engaging. If you’re going to get those candidates, you’ll need recruiters who are prepared to tackle any questions and problems presented to them.

Check out these ten tips to make the most out of campus recruiting event. Combined with solutions such as an …


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4 Steps To Make Campus Recruitment A Data-Driven Program

Let’s move beyond the “two-years experience required” for entry-level jobs generation of job ads, and talk about how to actually insert valuable numbers into your campus recruiting program. As we gear up for summer hiring, there’s been a lot of movement in the campus recruiting space: career centers continue to scour solutions to get their students into top roles, The Muse continues to grow its content empire, LinkedIn continues to try to onboard more university students with the launch of…


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