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Interview Invitation Email Sample: Essential Tips To Win Top Talents

So, your job advertisement has done its function to bring back qualified candidates. You have also scheduled further interviews for potential employees. Now is the time to reach out, discover, and make a decision on the best fit for the position. It is never a waste to make an effort to craft an effective interview invitation email. A successful interview invitation email helps recruiters to save time and improve the candidate experience.…


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Best Interview Scheduling Software: Essential Buyer's Guide for Modern Recruiters

Modern recruiters often face a great challenge: Huge amount of data needed to process during and after every recruiting campaign. As two-thirds of candidates expect to hear from recruiters within one week from the first interaction, recruiters have to capture and organize data in the right format and sort data out quickly and effectively. If they fail to follow up in a timely manner, talented applicants may get put off and choose to go with another company.…


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Big Data in Campus Recruiting

The Rakuna team had an incredible week at this year’s NACE 2016 Conference & Expo in Chicago in June. From one-on-one chats with university recruiting professionals during our ride with CEO to attending interactive sessions and…


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Attracting Millennials & Gen Z with Mobile Recruiting

Over the last decade, smartphones have become an ever more important part of people’s lives. According to Pew's research in 2015, 68% of Americans owned a smartphone, with that number rising to 86% among those ages 18 - 29. And digital-savvy Millennials & Gen Z now seek the convenience of completing most tasks on their mobile devices that more than a few would feel naked without one. 



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Recruiting with Authenticity

Any employer hoping to have an effective recruiting operation needs to stand out from their peers. It’s not enough to be a great workplace with engaged employees — you need to know what makes you different. Your candidates need a reason to choose you in particular.

One important …


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4 Steps to Put your University Recruiting Efforts On Track

For some reasons, your college recruiting initiatives are not working out. You might be hiring the right people, only to see them leave the second they find another job. You might be meeting the right candidates, only to have them slip through your fingers and go to your competitors. Or you might not be finding good people at all. No matter where things are going…


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Increase the Diversity in Your Campus Recruiting Program

Diversity recruiting continues to be a core element of overall college recruiting programs. Nearly 71 percent of employers responding to NACE's 2015 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey.  How can your campus recruiting team contributes to your organization's diversity recruiting efforts and expand the diversity efforts within…


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5 Questions With a Top Campus Recruiter

The campus recruiter is in charge of building a pipeline of talented up and coming candidates. The job spans many departments, walks the line between online and offline recruiting, as well as being driven by key seasonal booms (mostly commonly occurring during late spring and early fall) as students transition into the next phase of their budding careers. 

I had the…


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4 Cool Technologies to Accelerate Your Campus Recruiting Process

As a campus recruiter, you’re well-versed in the context of an ever-changing landscape, and yes, things are very much changing. Oh don’t get us wrong: the fundamentals of engaging top candidates aren’t going anywhere, but with the tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Z reshaping the work world, your technical toolbox needs to be sharpened.

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to see the recruiting process…


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Engaging With Students Beyond Career Fairs

Campus recruiting is not all about attending career fairs and conducting on-campus interviews. In today's talent war where campus is the batlefield, companies need to do more to engage with students beyond traditional career fairs. 

In this video, you are going to learn from the expert what you can do to build your employer branding on campus and get students stay engaged.…


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The Trouble With Recruiting Young People

The future of a company depends on the future of its people. When new talent enters the workforce they are by definition inexperienced. The few top percent of university students will stand out - the ones who have already started a business, earned a research grant, or completed some other remarkable work - but the majority of …


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How To Rock Niche Social Media From The Recruiting Desk

It’s 2016, and we’re all familiar with the value of strategic social media, but there’s more to connecting with your audience than digging roots on Twitter and Facebook. As a recruiter, sometimes it pays to strategize with subtlety. Big social media outlets cast a wide net, which is essential for organizing events and attracting…


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6 Metrics to Measure ROI from Your Recruiting Program

One of the most important questions to ask when embarking on any recruiting initiative is, “How do we measure our return on investment?” If you’re going to make your recruitment program the best it can be, you need concrete, measureable goals and solid data that shows whether you’re meeting them. Whether a recruiting drive ultimately exceeds expectations or has a lackluster result,…


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5 Ways to Make Your HR Department a Company Leader

HR departments are generally known for being everyone’s punching bags. At the lowest level, you’ve probably heard plenty of office humor that doesn’t portray HR in the most positive light. This disregard for HR often finds its way into actual policies, with many organizations …


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10 Foolproof Steps for Employers to Maximize Your Career Fair Experience

When you engage in a career fair, you’re going to run into eager candidates of all styles, stripes, and banners. But the candidates that stand out are sharp, informed, and always engaging. If you’re going to get those candidates, you’ll need recruiters who are ready to meet them. Here are ten tips on how to make the most of a career fair and catch the people you want for…


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Elevate 2015 - The World's Largest HR Virtual Summit - Roundup (Part 2)

Hello, readers! 

Elevate 2015 Roundup – Part 2 is here! Again, if you do not know, Elevate 2015 is the world’s largest virtual summit organized by HireVue and BambooHR last week to discuss all things HR and business. We published our first roundup last week, covering the 7 best webinars by industry thought leaders in Recruiting & Leadership…


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Elevate 2015 - The World's Largest HR Virtual Summit - Roundup (Part 1)

If you do not know, Elevate 2015 is the world’s largest virtual summit organized by HireVue and BambooHR last week to discuss all things HR and business. With 60 webinars conducted by industry-leading experts and visionaries, the summit offers a wide array of insights and revelations in many areas, including recruiting,…


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Where Are College Students Looking For Jobs, and How Can Employers Meet Them There?

Note: This article is contributed by Andrew Stockburger and originally posted on Rakuna's blog. For the best visual quality, view the original post here. If you enjoy the read,here is a handy pre-populated tweet to help you share the post easily.

As a recent…


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Are university recruiters too traditional for Millennials? Score yourself!

So,we get it. Recruiters and hiring managers alike need to adjust how they recruit to appear more appealing to the Millennials. Because according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2015, Millennials will become the workforce’s new majority, and by 2030, this group will represent 75…


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10 Eye-opening Tactics to Successful Diversity Recruiting

Generating diversity awareness and finding diverse talent is one of the top challenges for organizations today. How can your organization better connect with, market to, and recruit minority students and graduates? The answer is complex-- but begins with developing a targeted and well-planned internal and external recruitment strategy at your organization. 



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