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An innovators guide to recruiting successfully

If recruitment is getting harder how do you get ahead?

With the current recruitment market getting tougher, as FDIN’s recent FDIN Jobs 100 Club survey showed recently, it’s easy to feel that…


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Making employee referral programmes work for you

There comes a time in the life of every team or company when it realises that one of its best potential sources of quality recruits is its own people.

The idea is that the referrer will, to some extent, pre-select potential hires on the basis of their own working experience, the characteristics that have made themselves successful in the workplace, and have…


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Sleepwalking through interviews is unlikely to identify dream hires

A recent survey of 1,000 graduates by recruiters Marketing Minds found that, in preparing for an interview, candidates spend an average of 82 minutes getting showered, dressed, putting on make-up, sorting out their hair and so on. In contrast, they devote just 38 minutes to familiarising themselves with the advertised job and potential employer that they were…


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It’s never just a coffee (It’s interview Number 1)

So you are job searching. And in response to one of your proactive enquiries you receive a positive response: “Let’s meet up for a coffee

That’s nice you think. A chance to talk about the role and opportunity informally and off the record.


You have not been invited for a hazelnut…


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Is your profile picture helping or hindering your job search?

Why is your profile photographs are so important to your job search, and how can you make sure your profile pictures are working to your advantage?

There was a time when people were nervous about the internet. They were scared to used credit cards online and they were scared to upload their photographs. There was also a time…


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Effective recruitment means being a leader not a boss

If you can take any comfort from the perennial worry of how to find, attract and select the best candidates, it's that you are not alone. The majority of UK organisations have concerns about their ability to fill critical leadership roles, with only 14 per cent confident about their `available talent pipelines`.

This is one of the lamentable…


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How do you make food careers Cheryl-flavoured?

In the FDIN's latest blog, Justine Fosh, Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink, writes about the importance of continually engaging young minds about careers in food and drink.

“Actually I don’t know what I’d like to be if I didn't get into show business. I’d have to like, figure…


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Can a mentor help get you a pay rise?

Aiming to be the best version of yourself is one of the goals of mentoring. So how can you go about choosing and nurturing a mentor to help you get there?

David Carter is a world renowned mentor. He believes that being mentored – and indeed, mentoring – are valuable components in building our professional network and therefore our personal and career…


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The seven deadly signs of a broken recruitment process (and how to mend it)

I’ve observed recently a series of hiring processes in firms from mature to entrepreneurial where each was an object lesson in how not to conduct an interview process and which profoundly affected their ability to win the best candidates.

So, based on these experiences, here are the seven deadly signs of a broken recruitment process and some thoughts…


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