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Why are nostalgic trends dominating businesses?

According to psychological research, positive memories activate the reward pathway in the brain, which is essentially a release of chemicals that make us feel good.

This makes us want to carry the act out again that made us feel good – in this case, remembering happy memories. In a nutshell, that is what nostalgia is and why fond experiences…


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How bars, pubs, and restaurants are adapting to stay on trend

According to several studies, more and more people are electing to stay in rather than going out. For example, where there were 60,800 pubs across the UK in the year 2000, by 2017, this number had dropped to 48,350With super-cheap alcohol available in shops, to the younger generation preferring to be teetotal, pubs and restaurants are struggling…


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Avoidable Cases of Negligence that Caused Harm to Employees

Worrying about damaging our health at work should be the least of anyone’s problems. When going to a place of work, we should be guaranteed safety regardless of the situation. However, sometimes, in cases of negligence, employers can fail to properly protect their employees. Failure to carry out appropriate risk management can… 


Here, we’ll take a look at companies that failed to protect their…


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Five Common Customer Service Mistakes Your Business Can Avoid

From being on hold to question-dodging, there are plenty of customer pet-peeves that your business needs to avoidA survey found that 86 per cent of people will pay more for better service, which in the long run will be beneficial towards your business because you will get loyal customers.  

Especially during…


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How 2020 Has Rewarded Key Workers

The past year has been difficult for many of us, and is one we don’t want to repeat. This is especially true for key workers across the UK who have led the fight against the coronavirus. According to the ONS, around 33 per cent of the UK workforce were in key worker occupations and industries in 2020.


NHS staff, educational…


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Why Trade Roles Need More Diversity in 2021

Evidence shows that the view on gender has dramatically shifted in the past 35 years. In 1984, 42 per cent of people said that men are expected to be a family’s breadwinner, further agreeing that women should be the main homemaker in a household. In 2019, only eight per cent of people shared these views.

Gender is only one aspect of diversity and equality that workplaces…


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How Technology Has Helped The Low-Touch Economy

Many industries have had to quickly adapt to new operational guidelines due to the coronavirus outbreak completely changing the economy and the way we live our lives. Many professions that the public took for granted were prevented from operating under their normal circumstances. 

However, innovation is at the forefront of our economy and technological and operational advancements have allowed for these goals to continue and strengthen the base of their sector. The low-touch economy…


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5 Body Language Tips for Better Customer Care

Your customers matter to you and one way a customer will get an impression of your business is through your customer service. In brick and mortar stores, body language and verbal communications are two of the most important tools your employees have. But did you know that body language may have bigger influence over…


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Eliminate Your Bad Quarantine Habits Before Returning to the Office

Countless months of lonesome coffees and daily commutes which require rolling out of bed, slipping into our comfiest attire, and opening our laptop lid. Lockdown has forced us to become accustomed to a new way of life recently. Some of us adapted quickly, whereas others found it more of a struggle. 


Although we hoped 2021 would be different, so far, the…


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5 Essential Items to Help You Work From Home

Working from home became the temporary norm in early 2020, and as Boris Johnson announced a new lockdown yesterday, it’s going to continue as we enter 2021. Since many of us will be adapting to the hybrid way of working – finding a way to give your ‘work atmosphere’ more permanent home is essential for our concentration and daily productivity, setting…


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Supply Network Mapping Has Never Been More Important

Supply chains have been mapped since maps existed—however, supply network mapping technology is a relatively new phenomenon. Supply chains are constantly evolving due to a variety of…


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How SMEs Can Support Their Finance Department During a Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on both the lives and livelihoods of the UK nation. For businesses, the challenge of regaining the monetary losses suffered in recent months commences. This is particularly true for SMEs.

Small to medium-size businesses account for 50 per cent of total revenue that is generated by businesses in the…


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How to Celebrate a Socially Distanced Christmas with Your Loved Ones

Christmas 2020 is going to be very different. But that does not mean that traditions can’t go on, and a tradition in many families is party games. This year, with our Christmas bubbles, we can have some members of our extended family in our house, but we may still want to maintain a safe distance from them. So, we have solved this problem with our pick of party games you can still play party games while maintaining social distance this Christmas.

Who Am I?

This is a classic…


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How “Metail” is Changing the Future of the Retail Landscape

From creating custom garments to the innovation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that delivers a personalised shopping journey, retail is becoming more personal, as shoppers want a more tailored experience.

Today we look at how “metail” is going to change the future of retail, covering everything from personalised products to technology shaping the online experience.

The personal touch

Shopping for products, whether that be…


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Plugging the STEM Gap in Subsea Engineering

Plugging the STEM Gap in Subsea Engineering

Subsea engineering is one of the UK’s main global strengths. According to research by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), the nation generates a staggering £8.9bn of the £20bn global subsea engineering spend. There is no doubt then that the…


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Sustainable Jobs: What Opportunities are There for People Coming Out of the Armed Forces?

The public is growing increasingly aware of the environmental crisis we are facing and the responsibility we have to control our future and slow down the progression of climate change. As a result of this, more people are looking for a career in a sustainable role. Finding a job like this, which is within the area you are interested in, is not easy. For workers before us, they would take whatever job they got without thinking about their ethical or personal opinions.

But what is the…


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Is Digital Transformation the Key to Business Survival in the New World?

After a turbulent year, enterprises are returning to the prospect of a new world following an unprecedented pandemic.

Around the country the way we interact with customers, how consumers buy, and what interests the public has rapidly changed. Successfully managing these digital transformations may be the difference between your success and failure at this stage of continuing economic uncertainty.

Of course, the investment may appear unviable, but the benefits maintain growth…


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Highest COVID-19 Sick Day Costs For Small and Micro-Businesses

Retail and hospitality venues reopened in June and July after the first lockdown restrictions were eased. But since then, England has been in tier systems, back into a lockdown, and will be moving back into tiers from 2nd December. Businesses are still facing the possibility of workers isolating if they test positive or come into contact with a COVID-positive person. Most office employees will be able to work from home if they feel well enough, which will help mitigate the potential for sick…


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Future Finances: The Rise and Fall of Lockdown Investments

Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the UK nation to stay at home for most of 2020, finding ways to keep ourselves entertained was never an easy task. Other than our physical and mental health, our financial situation has also been put to the test in these difficult times.

Many people have been looking to safeguard their finances. Recent search volume data suggests that more of us have taken an interest in long-term investments during lockdown. As we continue to live through uncertain…


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Women In STEM: Breaking into A Man’s World

With the growth in the engineering sector in the last few years, the requirement of additional workers has led to an increasingly diverse workforce especially with the inclusion of women.

The STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) sector has traditionally been male dominated. There have been women pioneers such as Ada Lovelace, but they are not as widely discussed as Elon Musk or Tim Berners-Lee. More women than ever are now choosing to take a job in STEM roles with…


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