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4 Cs For Solid Social Recruiting Foundations

It’s been a while since my last post. It would appear a new job and the birth of a 2nd child can be rather draining on ones time. Who would have guessed?


It hasn’t been all inductions and nappies though. No siree.


The last few weeks has seen me putting into practice the theory I’ve been prattling on about over recent months regarding social recruitment… And I’m loving…


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Employer branding the social recruiting way

Following some recent conversations and having read some LinkedIn discussion threads lately I’ve been doing some pondering on the subject of employer branding. Then, because I couldn’t help myself, it got me thinking about the role social recruiting can play within it. If choosing between a combo of me + thinking vs. a combo served up at your local Colonel Sanders eatery you’d probably…


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A picture is worth a thousand words

This cool service was launched in June 2011 but I’ve only just stumbled across it.


If you’re in the process of putting your CV together and fancy getting a bit adventurous (or if you’re not and you just have some time to kill) you might be interested in what has to offer.


All you need to do is have a Linkedin profile and will turn your details into a rather snazzy infographic version of your CV.


Obviously, put…


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Why UK recruiters shouldn’t put all their eggs in the social media basket quite yet

I’m obviously a huge fan of what social media is doing in the world of recruitment. I genuinely am.  I’m truly excited by the way digital social platforms are shaking up recruitment & selection as a whole.


The reason for this post is to try and calm some of the sensationalism and general BS doing the rounds. Not that I want to be a downer to anyone’s…


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A newbie’s 10 considerations for social media recruitment (UPDATED)

Have you seen the film  A Bugs Life?  If you have you’ll remember the scene where the two bugs are flying perilously close to one of those blue light thingys that emit a fatal electric shock if an insect flies into it:


“Don’t go into the light!”


“I can’t help it.  Its beautiful”




That’s me…


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Are cover letters necessary or a complete waste of time? – The Poll Results… (and “How to” guide)

A couple of weeks ago I was having a wee discussion / debate on Twitter with @garyfranklin and @petergold about the relevance of the good ol’ covering letter when it came to…


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Are cover letters still necessary?

***UPDATE***  The results to the post below are in.  See my conclusions HERE or…


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A tale of how social networking helped me land my new job, and how it could work for you.

After more than 4 years I’ve made the difficult decision to leave my current employer.  I’ve had some truly great times here and will never be able to thank them enough for the personal and professional development I’ve received. In a relatively short space of time I’ve been promoted, have been able to diversify my skill-set, have made some good friends and I’ve had some great laughs along the way.


“So why are you leaving if you hold the company in such…


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A tale of social recruiting, employer branding and the candidate experience

Picture the scene. Its mid-December 2010. I’m happily minding my own until the mobile rings.  “We’ve seen your profile on LinkedIn,” an in-house recruiter explains, “and we’re wondering if you’d be interested in a new role we’re recruiting for in the UK?”


Now, in my opinion this company manage their employer brand extremely well. For me they’ve got the engagement piece nailed so when I was asked if I’d be interested in working for them, internally I’m screaming, “Hell yeah…


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Step 1 of your digital social recruiting program

I was recently revisiting some learning & development material I pulled together last year on the topic of Communication. Because of the enormity of this subject I made the decision at the time to break it down into two sessions. The first was the art of “Receiving” (a.k.a listening) the premise was that contrary to popular belief, the actual key ingredient to being a master communicator is the ability to listen and give 100% attention to others. Not, as many believe, the ability to…


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An orange belts’ take on social media, employer branding and recruitment

Back at the beginning of May I wrote the post – A newbie’s 10 considerations for social media recruitment (SMR).  I was at the beginning of my…


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5 Ways A Recruiter Can Improve Their Interview Technique

Last week I had a very interesting debate with Hung Lee of Wise_Man_Say regarding the relevance of face-to-face interviews as a credible assessment tool in the selection processes of today.


One of Hung’s arguments is that, for…


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So you think you’re a “Recruitment Consultant” do you?


A few weeks back I started a discussion thread on LinkedIn titled “In-house recruiters rejoice! The cold call is dead. Long live Social Recruitment – Discuss” – It turned out to be a bit of a monster and with 129 comments was the biggest topic in the IOR (Institute of Recruiters) group for approximately 3-4…


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Dear Hunter

There is something in the recruitment air.  I’m not sure what it is but I’m getting an increased number of calls from agencies claiming to be “head hunting” me.

I know.  I should be overwhelmed with a sense of pride…


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10 Career Site Design Considerations (in a social media age)

A couple of weeks ago I went through my thoughts on what a newbs 10 considerations should be when thinking about having a stab at social…


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Ad a little magic to attract the best

No doubt, if you have a sourcing strategy in place, it will include links into a series of different channels.  You’re probably using some if not all of the following (in no particular order) - Career website, job boards, internal referrals, employee referrals, colleges / universities, passive / semi-passive candidate searching, social media and agencies / consultancies etc… Continue

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A friendly referral of a refer-a-friend scheme

Following one of my previous posts, which touched on the importance of not forgetting your own referral scheme and keeping it as simple as possible, I thought I'd share a relaunch of a head office (c. 250…


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How to create your CV with LinkedIn Resume Builder


Having to put together your CV can be a daunting task.  Especially if you haven't got one and are starting from scratch, or do have one but it needs the dust and cobwebs blown from it.


In a couple of previous posts I've taken you through what I believe to be …


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I'm gonna make you a (counter) offer you can't refuse...

A friend approached me recently asking whether or not he should accept a considerable counter-offer from his employer following his recent resignation.

The question made me remember my recruitment consultancy training of how to handle such situations.  Fortunately, now possessing the in-house experience I was in a better position to offer balanced(ish)  advice for…


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Now you see me...

Lately I've been hearing and seeing a lot of articles and posts relating to the Video CV and the techno-geek in me just can't help having it's attention grabbed.


I haven't come across any companies that require a video CV (if you are one please let me know how they're working for you) but I was recently speaking to a consultancy who mentioned their CRM system possessing  functionality to enable applicants to record a brief video of themselves when registering at their…


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