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Erratic Ramblings on HR & Employment

What does workforce planning really mean? Talent management? Recruitment and retention?

Could we amend our thinking around what retention stands for?

Bernard Salt spoke at the recent "State of the Industry" dinner for the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association in Melbourne, at which I was a special guest of CEO Julie Mills. Bernard recounted a story whereby a lawyer had in years previous, lamented at how they would invest… Continue

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Everyday Business

With over 200 graduates through my Global Mentor Program you can understand that I am witness to commonalities in shortcomings, regularities in obstacles confronted, and similarities in approaches done poorly. Many of the mentoring delegates in the very beginning of their six months working with me, ask the same single question (although the wording may vary, the intent is exact):

"Where should I start to improve… Continue

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Customer Focus

Let's get straight to the point: Action is the only precursor to success!

So, here is a pithy way for you to get focus on your customer - and thereby be focussed on improving your business.

Take a leaf out of the book from Marriott: Imagine there is no desk. That's right, imagine, you no longer have a desk. What do you do? Well, how about understanding that in nearly all businesses, you do not meet new prospective buyers from behind your desk? You must get out and market,… Continue

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Easy come easy go

Sorry, we can't sell to you right now, we're in the middle of designing our new advertising campaign.

I telephoned to speak with a person who had attended a seminar I gave in Cairns (Great Barrier Reef - for those readers not familiar with Australia's north-eastern coast). This person worked for Quicksilver, the high speed catamaran that travels out to the islands. The individual who answered my call promptly informed me, "No, she quit two weeks ago."

"May I… Continue

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What's doing?

What will you be doing today to attract more clients, increase revenues and build your business?

Here are twelve ways to do what has to be done to achieve those goals:

1. Send a letter (not an e-mail, a letter in the post) to three potential clients that would gain value from your expertise.

2. Make the three follow-up telephone calls to the three people you wrote letters to last week.

3. Arrange to speak to a group of people. Some of my clients and… Continue

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Being rejected can be very liberating

Recently, a question was put to me: "How do you take criticism, without it making you upset?"

An entrepreneur had offered an invention to be reviewed by a respected catalog for inclusion. After a lengthy period of silence, followed by numerous emails seeking an answer, the entrepreneur was declined for some minor health and safety concerns of the invention.

The entrepreneur became incensed and went through the five stages of grief all at once. He said: "I take rejection… Continue

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Myths in Pricing Professional Services

There is an enormous amount of myth and mistaken thinking in the professional services arena around pricing and fee structures.

Myth: It's a price sensitive market

Reality: It's a value sensitive market

Myth: Start cheap to enter the market and capture your share

Reality: You have now set the benchmark low and customers will always want you to be that cheap

Myth: The competition will charge less than me and I will lose the business

Reality:… Continue

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You can't grow by cutting back

My mother's car broke down in the Brisbane CBD at 7 am on a Monday morning. Now there's a stress test you can't pay for at the Wesley Hospital! The automobile club were dutifully telephoned, and as expected there was a delay. After a short while, the roadside assist mechanic arrives, checks for the basics, only to conclude the vehicle will need towing.

After three hours of standing in the heat, pent up frustration and umpteen telephone calls to Colin on the customer service hotline;… Continue

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Where will I find you?

Three stores on the main street in town stood side by side. They all sold the same type of merchandise. One day the owner of the store at one end put up this sign:


This prompted the storekeeper at the other end to hang a sign reading:


The owner of the store in the middle was thrown by these aggressive manoeuvres until he had a bright idea. He put up his own sign, which proclaimed:

MAIN… Continue

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High tech ... high touch

Late last year I spoke at a luncheon on the pool deck of the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane. During my brief address, I commented that technology, which was designed to assist our poductivity, is actually hindering our effectiveness to do smart business.

I explained that while clients attempting to arrange a meeting with me will be tapping away for minutes on their Raspberries searching for the calendar functions; the yearly planner of my Filofax is open at the ready,… Continue

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Prospecting for Business Growth

We all want to increase business. This means that we establish a marketing strategy to put ourselves in a position where prospects buy from us. But what makes a good quality prospect?

A prospect has a need or can be convinced of the need and can authourise payment to you.

Ric's 6 Keys to a quality prospect for your business:

1. Someone who already recognises the need

2. Have the financial budget to pay you

3. History of using or purchasing… Continue

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Request for Tender is Bad Business

I received a telephone call from a member of my Mentor Program who asked for assistance with writing the covering letter for a RFT.

There are better uses of your time than bidding for business with an organisation that is looking for the 'lowest price.'

Keeping current customers happy is far smarter than chasing after other people's customers. The AICPA states, attracting a new customer is eleven… Continue

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