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Best Document Management Software of 2019 Updates HR for Big Benefits

In 2019, the best document management software focuses on teams that deal with the most files. Think of HR for one of the best document management upgrades in 2019.

As January ramps up, a lot of organizations are looking to improve processes for the coming year. One of the biggest areas to…


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New 2019 Staff File Management Solution Brings Big Benefits for HR This January

Start with a new employee file solution now for big benefits this January in the human resources department.

It's a a good time to think about upgrading your Human Resources filing…


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How To Switch To Electronic Employee Files This Summer

Want to improve file management for the HR team, but intimidated by the process? Here's how to move to electronic employee files fast this summer.

Managing employee files in an organized and compliant way is a critical part of the HR team's responsibilities.  Unfortunately, files can be nearly impossible to manage when documents are on paper or spread across different teams, offices,…


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The Best Document Management Software for 2018 Takes HR Paperless Fast

The best document management systems for 2018 will be cloud software that makes it easy to take the Human Resources team paperless fast. 

It can be tricky trying to find the best document management software. 2018 can be the year that the company finally moves away from paper and towards a more efficient…


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3 Simple Steps to Paperless HR

Have you been considering switching away from paper in the HR department? Human Resources professionals are realizing big benefits by going digital. 

These days, moving to electronic employee files and reducing paper in the HR office is easier than ever. Many companies can streamline the entire HR department in 30 days with a paperless filing…


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How Paper Slowly Suffocates HR

Paper filing systems tend to move towards greater disorder, slowly suffocating HR teams.

Raise your hand if you like dealing with paper! Well, I'm not surprised at the lack of enthusiasm on this subject. Human Resources professionals deal with a ton of paper and keeping it all organized can be an incredible…


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How Water-Tight is HR's Disaster Recovery Plan?

In the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Human Resource departments review Disaster Recovery Plans and consider electronic employee files.

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, companies are taking a closer look at their file management processes. The Human Resources office is one spot…


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Online Onboarding Forms Streamline Human Resources

Online onboarding forms are helping HR teams streamline employee file management across the entire department.

The onboarding process is one that is traditionally full of paper. New employees are required to review, fill out and sign a mountain of paperwork before they can join the team on their first day. Considering the variety of…


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Give HR The Permanent Paper Vacation They Deserve

Take a shortcut to electronic employee files this summer!

With the summer here, it's time to start thinking about a little rest and relaxation. You deserve a break! With all the paper coming through the HR department, the whole team could probably use a vacation. In fact, why don't we make that a permanent vacation from…


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Electronic Onboarding Starts Employee Files Paperless from Day One

Why print and scan onboarding forms when your employee files can be electronic from the start?

If you're considering taking your HR department paperless, electronic employee onboarding is a great place to start. From general tax forms to company-specific forms and policy acknowledgements, we've all seen how much paper can be…


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HR Departments are LOVING The Paperless Office Revolution

Thinking about going paperless? Look at some of the benefits other companies have been seeing with electronic personnel files and paperless onboarding. 

It's well known that the Human Resources department has the pleasure of managing a serious amount of paper. Over the years, HR professionals…


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Trending: Paperless HR - Moving To Electronic Personnel Files In 2017

Human Resources is making a big shift towards electronic personnel files to increase efficiency and cut costs. Will your team reap the rewards in 2017?

Electronic personnel files have become more and more popular in recent years. The benefits are real - increased efficiency, cost savings and less stress on your staff. So what…


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American Businesses Will Produce 1.6 Trillion Pieces of Paper In 2016. How Will HR Respond?

Traditionally, paper has been a critical piece of the business process. It's difficult for an organization to run smoothly without the ability to record information and share it with colleagues in an effective manner. Issues arise in the office when that information needs to be stored for an extended period of time or needs to be shared quickly with team members in…


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DynaFile Partners with iCIMS to Streamline Employee Onboarding and File Management

DynaFile and iCIMS Announce Partnership to Streamline Employee Document Management and Increase Efficiency for HR Professionals

Paperless HR file management solution joins iCIMS’ growing partner ecosystem


DynaFile, a unique cloud…


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How To Take Your Human Resources Department Paperless

Going paperless in HR does not have to be a stressful project. Here's how to make the switch quickly and easily. 

Dealing with paper documents in HR can be a real nightmare. When bulky filing cabinets start to fill up with overflowing manila folders, it becomes impossible to keep information organized.…


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Electronic Filing Software Makes Personnel Files Instantly Available To HR

One of HR's biggest challenges is keeping personnel information organized and accessible. Electronic filing software makes this easier than ever. …


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Paperless Onboarding: Stop Printing New Hire Paperwork

Many HR departments use onboarding software to get their new hire paperwork filled out electronically, but still wind up printing forms out once they are completed.

Paperless Employee OnboardingMany of the documents stored in an employee's folder are generated directly from the onboarding process once they have been hired. For this reason,…


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3 Easy Tips to Streamline HR with Electronic Personnel Files

Keeping your Human Resources department running smoothly can be a real challenge. Electronic personnel files 

can make a huge difference. 

The Human Resources department is a busy place. New employees are constantly being hired and active staff can require just as much assistance. Dealing with all of the paperwork that goes along with working in HR can be seriously challenging. Many companies have moved to electronic…


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Is Paperless HR Software Right for My Company?

Taking your Human Resources department paperless can bring a multitude of benefits. Here are the types of companies that will see the highest ROI from paperless HR software.

As HR technology improves, more and more companies are taking their processes paperless. Going paperless can open up a world of unexpected improvements in…


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How To Switch to Electronic Personnel Files in 2016

Human Resource departments across the nation are making the switch to electronic personnel files. Here's how to take your HR files paperless this year. 

It's 2016. Is your Human Resources department still managing personnel files the old fashioned way? Managing employee files on paper can be a huge inconvenience that impacts…


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