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The Break Up: Why Leaving a Bad Employer Early Is a Good Idea

Preface: Its been a long time since I have posted here so I thought I would leave this right here...

The Break Up: Why Leaving a Bad Employer Early Is a Good Idea

You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.”

Since the dawn of chat rooms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Glassdoor, and Quora, an employee has access to more information on…


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HP is Trying out New Tech to Attract University Talent

Celinda Appleby Global Digital Media Lead for HP TA team sent over their latest technology too play with! HP Talent Acquisition announced a new augmented reality (AR) media campaign, “HP Careers”, aimed at inspiring and attracting university candidates by showcasing the employee experience at HP last week.  This IMO is pretty damn cool.  I have always been an early…


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#Talent 42 a Tech Conference for Recruiters by Recruiters

If you know me, not that it matters, you would know that I have never been a fan of conferences. None. I saw zero add other than draining my customers or my bank account. There was little that was innovative or interesting to me. I would go more in depth of why I started going to conferences but that is for another post I guess. This post is about #talent42, which…


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It’s NOT All in a Name When You Are Recruiting

It’s true. In fact there is an interesting perception that because you’re big, you are better. Everyone wants to work for you.  Who wouldn’t want to work at Google, Amazon, and Apple?  Apparently there are a few.  How can I back up this statement?  Well, in my best Jim Carrey voice “LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING!!”

The reason I know this is that ALL these…


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Why you might want to look at what's going on with Federal contractors

Do you work for a recruiting agency?  Do you work for a commercial company that does not work with the Federal Government?  Do you think you have nothing to worry about with the new regulations being signed in to law?  OFCCP and 503c does not concern me?  You might want to rethink that. They are coming for you. They really are.  History has proven…


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Still learning after all these years

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” ― Richard Feynman

                I have learned over time that you should never stop trying to learn new things.  This…


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OFCCP changes are going to affect government contractors and recruiting Part 2

In my first post on this subject I brought up the new rules that affect sourcing and recruiting.  In this follow up post I will talk about a few more things you should know.  Some of this is, well, a little dry but as I said before this is not really funny stuff. 

We all follow EEOC rules and reporting in order to make sure we are not discriminating in our…


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OFCCP changes are going to affect government contractors and recruiting Part 1

I am now going on my 11th year of recruiting within the GOV space and within that time I have seen quite a few changes, albeit nothing like the changes that I am seeing now.  Usually I write with a little humor in my posts. but what is coming is no laughing matter and something recruiters are going to find hard to manage when sourcing. The rules…


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Winter I$ Coming

I wrote this specifically for the DC Metro area but it is applicable for anywhere in the US for Government contractors.

Winter I$ Coming

The theme is prevalent in the HBO show and book series Game of Thrones. It’s a prophetic thought that is set by these three words.

“Winter is Coming” is the motto of…


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2,977 (non recruiting post)

We die two deaths. The day we stop breathing and the day the last person that remembers us and stops saying our name.


As anniversaries are usually held with regard and well wishes there are some, some very few, that should make us pause and remember.  Today is one of those days for me.  On this day the world changed.  My world changed.  I do not…


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I Don’t Know

I am not young enough to know everything. Oscar Wilde

"I don’t know."

Have you ever used this phrase before?  I sure have. I have not used it with pride or a smile. I have not used it in arrogance but frustration.  It seems to me in the office these days it is used in another fashion.  One of disrespect, one of arrogance in…


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Gold Star

Recently I received a resume from a young lady that had just graduated with a master’s degree in Oceanography looking for a position.  She sent this to me in hopes that she would be chosen to work for the company I had a contract with.  She like so many hopefuls she applied on line and waited to hear if she was chosen or not.  She was.  She had the schooling and…


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Batting .300 in Recruiting

Tonight it the all-star break in baseball here in the US.  There is a baseball statistic; batting a thousand means perfection.  No one has ever in the history of the game gone a season batting a thousand, at not least one that did not go up to the plate more than once.  .300 is actually the real number a hitter wants to stay above for the season.  Not many do.  That is why the get to play in the…


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I just wanted to say thank you...

Been a while since I posted but this came to mind tonight.  Whatever happened to thank you?

                30 years ago growing up as a child I remember my grandmother saying to me when I had received something, what do we say?  The answer of course was Thank you.  Now it seems that phrase, those two little words have been removed from the English language here in the…


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The Professor X of Recruiting

Wouldn’t you want the X-men working for you? 

Professor Charles Francis Xavier, the X-men’s founder, wanted people with that something “extra,” people whose   special skills were manifest yet misunderstood. He built a tool to find these unique men and women. He broke down their skills, categorized them, and finally brought them together to maximize their potential.

Professor X was in…


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So,this is recruiting now and we are ok with it?

Oh, did this did just happen to me?

Recently I was called by a recruiting agency recruiter.  The person, from Manpower, called me about a position that he was looking to fill for an engineering/technical recruiter.  I am not shocked by this as that is what we do for a living.  However what did shock me was the pedantic way in which the person went about it while leaving a message.  It was almost robotic in its…


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So, why are you an "Agency Recruiter"?

I am not a "third party" recruiter.  I was in the past.  I eventually found myself in the corporate role that I am in now.  Although I wonder how my life would be different if I had not chosen this path what are the reasons you do? Why an agency? I know the appeal is/has been money but are there other factors?

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