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Why It’s Important to Pay Attention to How You Build Your Resume (as Job Seeker)

The very first step to take in applying for a job position is to build a resume. No one would hire a person without the person in question presenting a resume of a sort in advance. It’s through this that a potential employee or staff can be assessed. You should have understood this. But what you might not know about is that the resume you build must…


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How to Build the Most Effective Employer Referral Program

You may have heard great things about employee referral programs. How it’s one of the cheapest ways to recruit new talent for your company and find the best employee for the role. Here are some more statistics that you may not know about referred applicants. Those candidates are…


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Recruit Smarter, Not Harder

More than once, after going through a long and vigorous recruiting process with a candidate who looks like the perfect fit, we end up with an employee who quits after a month, or worse, becomes a drain on the company. When we keep recruiting but not ending up with the right talent,…


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What are the popular types of recruitment?

Recruiting new talent for your company can take on many forms and shapes. There is no one sure way to attract the best talent, and more often than not, it is best not to put all of your eggs in one basket. The more avenues you seek in finding the best candidates, the better your…


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How to save time on recruiting with pre screening

Looking for the right candidate for every role can become an extremely time-consuming process. If you want to make sure that you hire someone that fits all of the criteria of the role you’re looking to fill -- someone who fits the…


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Using Marketing Videos for Recruiting

A lot of times, when we embark on a mission of finding new talent for our company, we think that posting an attractive description on job boards and hiring a recruiting firm is enough to seal the deal. After all, there are always people looking to make a change or advance in their career, so it’s…


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5 Ideas To Help HR & Recruiters Work More Seamlessly Together

If your human resources department is working with a recruiter, recruiting firm, headhunter or otherwise, you will want to ensure your business is getting as much as possible from the relationship between the two. A few simple steps and practices can help empower your human resources department to deliver more specific, accurate and relevant information to the…


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What Blockchain Technology Means For HR

We’re on the cusp of witnessing blockchain technology revolutionize human resources processes in significant ways. Blockchain is most often associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but blockchain technology has the ability to influence and…


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HR & Tech: Friend or Foe?

As technology within the field of human resources advances, more and more emphasis is being put on human resources professionals to learn and adopt new technology solutions into their daily routines. There is constant discussion in the HR world over whether AI will replace the role of an HR team. From…


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The Pros and Cons of Working Without a Recruiter

Recruitment is a central component of many job descriptions for human resource professionals. The hiring process involves finding suitable candidates to fill open positions in the business, which takes hard work and patience to find someone who will succeed not only in the job but in the overall company as well. 

Considering that recruiting new talent can take an immense amount of work and time, many companies are beginning to work with recruiting firms to fill job…


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HR People: How To Be Productive During The Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a challenging period to find motivation or time for work in between company parties and vacation time. Human resources teams can especially feel busy this time of year as they are tasked with end-of-year responsibilities like bonuses, vacation time, and maintaining company…


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Best 5 Tools For HR Managers In 2018

2018 is approaching quickly, and it’s time to set professional goals for the upcoming new year. Human resources is a field that has been directly impacted by technology and new advances in various online platforms. Here are some new online tools to help you reach new professional heights in 2018:


Get streamlined

Streamline your search…


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Be Sure Your CEO Understands The Value That You & The HR Team Bring To The Organization

With a position so expansive and all encompassing, it’s nearly impossible to identify the most important aspects of a human resource professional’s career. Human resource professionals are tasked with a multitude of responsibilities including maximizing employee performance and the management of people, policies, and systems within an organization. HR managers become…


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How To Reduce Your Cost While Working With Recruiting Firms

Working with a recruitment firm is a smart and effective way to handle the hiring process at your organization. Recruitment firms come with a vast network of connections and can more quickly and efficiently locate, evaluate, and secure top talent. According to the Wall Street Journal, companies with more than 10,000 employees globally pay a median figure of $1,949…


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Recruiting Firms: To Hire Or Not To Hire? The 5 Benefits You Haven’t Thought Of.

To hire or not to hire a recruiting firm? That is the question, isn’t it? Companies with in-house HR often believe hiring an outside recruitment firm is neither worth the time nor the effort. Not only is it an extra expense, but it is also taking away from the employee who must conduct the search process to find the right recruitment firm and hire plus manage the process.


That being said, there are benefits to hiring a recruiting firm or headhunter…


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Start-Up Sales: Getting the Job Done Right

Creating a start-up company is a risky business and one only taken on by confident entrepreneurs who truly believe in their product. So what happens when it’s time to begin selling the product, but the company founder has no idea how to sell? The answer: do not hire a sales representative.

Hiring is a Bet You Don’t Want to Take

This seems to be backwards…


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10 Worst things to say in an interview...

As soon as you drop some words in a job interview a light bulb can spring from nowhere and give a signal to the interviewer that you are already not the right person...every word counts!


If you get the Job, we will decide if you are ninja'd enough, wizardry,guru- tastic, or expertise and warriors status enough for you to work…


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Top Factors for a Successful Sales Recruiting Project

Finding a top sales performer in today’s recruiting market can be a daunting task. Every employer is seeking the professional with the best performance record, hoping to increase revenue for their company. Realistically, however, these top performers are difficult to find.…


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B2B vs B2C Sales Recruiting: What are the differences?

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When recruiting for sales positions, many may feel all sales jobs are similar. This is fairly far from the truth, however, as business to business sales (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales are each distinctive. While sales careers often offer the advantage of mobility within one’s career, experts agree it can be difficult to change types of sales careers.

What are the Major Differences between B2B and B2C?



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How to Recruit Top Sales Talent for Digital Marketing Companies

As we enter the new year, it’s clear that companies are increasingly turning to digital marketing to promote their products. In fact, according to a recent Gartner’s CMO Spend Report, digital marketing budgets are likely to increase by 8% in 2015. With higher demand for such services comes the need to recruit the right salespeople.

So what should digital marketing companies look for as their search for top sales talent? And how do they go about locating the…


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