Start-Up Sales: Getting the Job Done Right

Creating a start-up company is a risky business and one only taken on by confident entrepreneurs who truly believe in their product. So what happens when it’s time to begin selling the product, but the company founder has no idea how to sell? The answer: do not hire a sales representative.

Hiring is a Bet You Don’t Want to Take

This seems to be backwards thinking. After all, if you don’t know how to do it yourself, you should bring in an expert, right? This is wrong for a few important reasons.

First, the founder of the company has already invested an incredible amount of time and energy and has much to lose in the case of failure. A new salesperson has no investment other than a paycheck; thus a start-up founder cannot trust anyone to get the job done like they can, and so should take on their sales personally.

Secondly, if the new hire does not work out, the company founder will have lost out on valuable time creating relationships with clients who may be discouraged to find a new face to deal with. Thus it is best for entrepreneurs to deal with clients one on one, ensuring a meaningful relationship that will hopefully lead to more sales in the future.

When considering hiring a sales representative, it is important for the creator of the business to consider what role sales plays in the company. Take a moment to consider this and it is obvious sales are the most integral part of the company’s success. With such huge implications, there is no reason to entrust a stranger, with no personal investment in the business, with the future of the start-up.

Timing Your First Hire

So what is a company founder with no prior experience in sales to do? The answer is simple: learn the craft quickly. The founder of the start-up doesn’t have to get a degree or another job in order to learn sales, but instead, needs to conduct research and stay on top of their game. Remember, the success of the very new and fragile company depends on the sales, so it is important to create relationships with clients who will hopefully become long-lasting customers.

 So at least at the beginning, it is crucial that the founder of the company stay involved, make sales on their own, and then, when the company has become successful enough to support the paycheck and potential failure of a new hire, consider taking on a sales representative. After all, the future of the company is dependent on its sales, and if you want something done right, it is always best to handle it yourself.  Read more about Hiring Sales People for StartUps >>>

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Comment by Alex Moyle on March 15, 2016 at 3:47pm

With the right coaching almost any one can pick up the basics of selling quickly.  mainly because it is not about one liners but about building relationships and staying organised.  The challenge they will face is doing enough of it, over a period of time to build a decent pipeline.  Most people go win business, then deliver for a few weeks , only going back to BD when they have a low pipeline.   

Sales is an every day activity, not always on the phone but a blend of email, social, phone and face to face meetings.  If you can master this then you will always have your choice of deals to choose from. 


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