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Why Your Talent Community Should Be More Than Just a List

Talent communities have reached a level of market maturity such that most companies no longer need to be sold on the idea. In fact, most of the employers I speak with believe they need (or already have) an accumulation of online social…

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JSTN and TNL Pairing Up for Chicago Recruiting Conference on 12/5

This was originally posted by Dave Ryan on the Illinois SHRM Blog.  Big thanks for Dave for promoting!

This is another call to action for those of you out there who are still sitting on the fence about an upcoming event in the Chicago area.  TNLive is coming to the Chicago area. Please click the link then you can see a video…


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Cool tools talk & location-based recruiting on #TNL tonight 8pmC


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Social Media's PR Problem & HRevolution Wrap Up

How do you sell the use of social media in your company if the powers that be are afraid of using it or don't understand it? Jessica Merrell aptly said "Social Media has a PR problem" in our session at HRevolution 2010 in Chicago. And it's true.



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Ticket Giveaway: Join Me (@fishdogs) April 19th and 20th at TRU USA in Madison, WI

The A-List Solutions team will be descending on Madison, Wisconsin later this month to lead tracks at the TRU (The Recruiting Unconference) USA event on April 19th and 20th, 2010. And if TRU…


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Where to Start in Social Recruiting

"If you could only have one social network to use as your main tool in recruiting, which one would it be?" This question was deftly posed to the panel by Chris Hoyt, the ending keynote speaker for the event at which I presented last week. I was on a Dinner with the panel, keynotes, and Jobing Product Manager Brett Farmiloe (@thatpassionguy) panel for's Spring Symposium with some colleagues,…


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The Best Format for Your Resume (Hint: It's Not .PDF)

So you want your resume to look pretty. Naturally. But is your pretty format preventing your resume from functioning as well as it should?

Did you know that many corporate and staffing agency ATS's (Applicant Tracking Systems) strip your resume of formatting when the information is imported into your profile? Or that when you forward your resume to a recruiter, they often have to copy and paste it into a new…


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Social Networking and Global Flesh Pressing in 2010

Talent professionals in social media love labels. Thus, those of us who use social channels for recruiting and networking together have brilliantly entitled our scene "Social Recruiting". We've been doing this "social recruiting" thing for years with LinkedIn and recruiting networks like But with the explosion of Twitter,…


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Win a Close Encounter to RecruitFest '09

I can't go to Recruitfest this year on September 23rd and 24th, and I'm pissed. It has the unfortunate fate of falling in a month that contains two of my kids' birthdays, my anniversary, my Shriner initiation, and a guest spot on The View. Plus the fact that I'm helping to put on the first ever TalentNet Live Expo here in Dallas to coincide with…


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LinkedIn Help for the Clueless Job Search

A friend of mine recently moved to the Houston area and is trying to find a job as a Revenue Accountant in the Oil and Gas industry. Easy, right? Not necessarily. There are quite a few job seekers with the same skills applying to any openings that come available in that area right now. My friend needs an edge but has never done any real social networking. So I advised him to start with LinkedIn.

He had created a profile once upon a time there but never did anything with it (as…


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Don't Miss #TalentNet Tonight on Twitter!

It's time for another star studded recruiter get-together on Twitter! That's right recruitwiterati, #TalentNet, the hashtag event that burned up the Twittersphere last month, (trending right at the top with American Idol) is back for another go-round this Wednesday night, May 27th, from 8pm to 10pm Central time (and the last Wednesday of each month, for the foreseeable future, at that time).



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Jump Start Your Job Search on Twitter

There are now many great resources now to help job seekers better utilize Twitter in their job search. I have put together a few of my old favorites and a couple of new ones to help job seekers either get started or take it to the next level.

The first thing to do after you set up your twitter account is follow some people who regularly post job search advice and job openings on Twitter. The list below was announced this week…


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Top 10 Things to Leave OFF of Your Resume

Last week I asked this question on Twitter and LinkedIn, "What should job seekers leave OFF of their resume?" As of this writing, this question has generated 44 responses from recruiting, career, HR, and resume professionals and hiring managers. The…


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Announcing #TalentNet - Monthly Twitter Forum for the Recruiting Community

Here a network, there a network, everywhere a social network. Perhaps it's overkill, but we are all now a part of so many social communities online that sometimes it feels as if we are no longer growing closer together, but farther apart. This is especially true in the staffing and recruiting community. We recruiters, by definition, tend to overdo it in the area of networking.

Through Ning niche groups like…


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A Talent Professional's Strategy for Landing the Big Job

This is how a highly skilled recruiter tackles an opportunity to land a dream job.

I got to know Karla Porter through various recruiting networks over the last year or so, and more closely through Twitter over the last several months. I have grown to respect her opinions, ideas, and her straight forward generosity. So when she sent me a note on Twitter that said basically, "We are supposed to be the experts at this and I have a job interview pending that is making me…


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Organic Branding for Employers

I was recently asked by international employer branding news journal, Universum Quarterly, to be the guest writer for this quarter's edition. Subscribers in HR organizations worldwide will receive the publication this week.

Universum Quarterly began in 2006 and is the world’s first periodical for Employer Branding. Each issue brings feature…


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Twitteriffic Susan Kang Nam Gets Creative with Reasons to Twitter

Award_Image1 by pinkolivefamily. A big question I am often asked about Micro-Blogging service, Twitter, is simply this, "So what do you do on Twitter, just tell people what you're doing?" And my answer is usually, "No". I use Twitter to network with early adopters and people all over the world who have similar interests in social media and web2.0 technology. I post helpful links about careers, employment, and job searching. And I use it to promote my…


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Who should I follow on Twitter? Quick and Easy Tips.

For many people, especially those new to Twitter, one of the big questions about this popular application is, "who should I follow?" Well, there are many good answers to this, all depending on your purpose for using Twitter. But there are a few shortcuts you can use that will make life simpler and get your Twitter neighborhood growing quickly.

First, find someone else on Twitter who has your same position or interests and…


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Why Are Some Employers Missing the Social Boat?

Social media sites are fast becoming the go to outlet to compliment a marketing campaign. Companies of all sizes are embracing the technology and the ability to interact with their audience to boost sales and enhance marketing. But as I stated in a previous post, Employer Branding with Web2.0 & Social Media, HR and PR departments are lagging far…


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