TOMS shoes are a feel good purchase.

Buy a pair today, give a pair to someone in need tomorrow. It’s a great cause.

But TOMS has been criticized for ignoring the root of a much bigger problem. The argument is, sure it’s great to provide a kid in a third world country a new pair of shoes. But, they’re still poor. They’re still hungry. They still don’t have a say, don’t have options. Despite having shoes, their tomorrow doesn’t look much better.

Are you throwing a pair of new shoes at your business?

Meaning, are you avoiding the root of a business problem by tacking on a solution that only addresses an outcome of an issue?

An ATS makes many recruiters more successful, helping them to scale up, because they’re already doing the right things. They are willing to spend time on training, workflow, customer service, and more.

But an ATS can’t make a placement for you. It can make recruiting faster, smarter and more connected. But at the end of the day, it’s a person, not the software, that decides to pick up the phone and hit their numbers every day.

At Sendouts, we take the same approach to software development. We don’t add on a shiny new feature unless it solves a problem for our recruiters. And we don’t ignore the root of a problem, like too many clicks in the application.

It’s hard to market a feature like “less clicks.” It’s not mobile, it’s not social. But it makes a huge difference for our customers, and that’s where our development efforts count.




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Comment by Tim Spagnola on June 6, 2012 at 6:22pm
Random ( be warned ) but wasn't TOMS created by a former Amazing Race contestant? Interesting analogy nonetheless.
Comment by Sandra McCartt on June 6, 2012 at 11:21pm
Toms are about the ugliest bastardization of footwear since that abortion called a croc.
I think you picked the wrong analogy to write a sales pitch. I will forever associate send outs with ugly, nasty looking shoes.


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