Social Networking Improves 'Hearing'Every so often I get an email or comment posted on my RecruiterGuy blog that strikes a chord with me. This weekend was no exception. I received two, however - both with ultimately the same message, "Thanks for hearing me."

If you've ever been unfortunate enough to be trapped in a conversation with me when I became incredibly passionate about one of my favorite topics then you know - I'm a huge fan of the two way communication that is social networking. I've been lucky enough to meet a handful of my comment box participants and recruiting peers over the last 5 years and it usually comes up that, contrary to popular and rumored belief, the internet is not [just] for pr0n - it's for communication. And I've never been more convinced (about the communication part!)

As much as I hate slapping a number on innovation, I'll take the hit on this one to draw up a quick analogy to help those that aren't quite sure what the big difference is between Web 1.0 and 2.0. Keeping things simple, I'll use this blog posting as an example.

Think of the numbering system in "Web 1.0" and "Web 2.0" as the traffic of conversation. As I post my almost daily rants I leave an option at the end of each for readers to post comments, leave feedback, or contribute in any way they feel inclined. This creates dialogue or 'conversation' - it's a two (2.0) way communication. (although still a mystery to me why so many of you are shy and use the contact form, but I digress...)
If I were to disable the comments on my blog postings (or remove the contact form) readers would only 'hear' me, but could not be involved or 'talk' back - the conversation or dialogue would be one (1.0) way. Much like a magazine or newspaper - you might get just enough information to be interested or irritated - but you couldn't interact.

So enters the part of social media that makes me passionate. The Conversation.
Blogs are great for posting thoughts and ideas. Podcasts do the same but in a variation of formats. Social networks encourage the gathering of like-minded or like-purposed people. Successful blogs, podcasts (to include video), and social network sites all have something in common - they allow 'conversation' with the members of their audience or community - which leads to the bottom line... A feeling of being heard.

Which brings us full circle to the emails received this weekend. Both emails started a few weeks ago and were simply as a result of a posting I made on a social network and forum. Each person reached out to me after I posted an open invitation for conversation with anyone that had any questions on the particular subject within the posted thread. Each email volley was almost 3 to 4 messages but both ended with an almost identical statement, "...thanks for listening... and for the feedback."

Wrapping up my response to both this morning was simple. "Anytime - it's always good to hear from you. Stay in touch."

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Comment by Dennis Smith on August 18, 2008 at 11:50am
Thanks RecruiterGuy - "conversation" nails it on the head. We've had enough of the one-way dialogue...conversations are what we want....because "people want to talk to people."

Keep it comin', Social Media Maniac!


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