10 Important Questions One Should Ask in a Job Interview


Assessing someone for a job based only on a CV can be a little superficial. Today in this dynamic world where there is cut-throat competition everyone has an impressive CV. However, not everyone possesses the art of tackling a good interviewer and dodge their tricky questions with adroitness. Asking the right questions at an interview is extremely important as they confirm your qualifications and credentials as a candidate for the position. Furthermore, interview is more like an open-minded conversation and it provides you the opportunity to find out more about the organization you are willing to work for, be it IT recruitment in London or any other part of the world.


Things you want to achieve     

•Confirm that the interviewer has no reservations about you

•Always, show your interest in the employer

•Find out if the organization is right for you


Here is a list of 10 questions you may ask in a Job interview:

•    Which skills and how much experience would make a suitable candidate?

This is the most important question and will have the interviewer put his/her cards on the table. They will be compelled to state exactly what they are looking for. If the interviewer mentions some criteria you didn’t cover yet, you still have the chance. Recruitment agencies like confident people.


•    What do you like most about your organization and workplace?

This question will reveal the interviewer's personal feelings and allow you to bond with him/her on a personal level. It will also give you the idea about how satisfied people are with their jobs. If the interviewer fumbles and is unable to quickly come up with an answer, it’s a big red flag.


•    What is the biggest problem that is faced by your staff and how would I be able to solve this problem?

This question will immediately show your generous attitude and the fact that you are a team, player.


•    Do you think I have the required qualifications for the position?

This question shows that you are confident in your skills and abilities, and it shows that when asking crucial questions you can be gutsy.


•    Do you offer continuing education and professional training programs?

This question shows that you have this never-ending thirst for knowledge, and you are willing to expand your professional horizons and ultimately grow with the employer.


 •    Could you brief me about the team I’ll be working with?

This question will tell you about the mindset of the people you will be interacting with, everyday. So listen to the answer carefully. Also, this tells you that you like to be well versed in any situation before hand.


•    What can I do to show you that I am fit for the position?

This question is very crucial, as it will give you the chance to flaunt your skills and hide your weak spots. Thus, listen to the answer carefully and then respond accordingly.


•   Who was my predecessor in the post?

The answer to this seemingly weird question will help you figure out whether the position was vacant because the person was fired or promoted. This will provide insight about the future possibilities including promotion opportunities and job security.


•    If I get the job, how soon do you expect me to join?

Ask them when they expect you to join and if possible could you join earlier. This will show your keenness to join the company and that you are ready to take the initiative.


•    The final question- What is the next step?

Ask them what the next step in the process is if you get through. This will show them that you are dedicated and interested. 


So stop waiting and start preparing for your dream job. And with a little luck and loads of hard work and dedication, it’ll be yours soon.

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