Are you prepared for Job Interview? What about your body language?

Besides the common notion that your body language affects the way others see you, there is more to it. In one of the popular TED talks of October 2012, Amy Cuddy talks about how body language affects the way you feel and how certain postures and body language can bring about a huge change in the way you feel and conduct yourself during interviews.

The First Meeting

Imagine the scenario where you have applied for a job through one of the professional IT agencies in London and have been called for an interview. While you are called in, take a moment or two instead of rushing inside. Be calm and take a deep breath from your belly, which will help you walk with confidence. Wait for the other person to shake hands first. If possible, walk around the table instead of leaning over.

Show Your Good Side

Reputed IT employment agencies know exactly how to train a candidate for a job interview. One of the basic steps they teach candidates is about how to conduct themselves during the first meeting or interview. They advise job aspirants to show their best side – right from their posture to their knowledge and experience. They even suggest displaying a pleasant expression on the face. After all, as a job seeker, you should let your enthusiasm for the career to be seen and noticed.

Take Control of Your Posture

Your body language has the power to change the way you feel. Hence, before you enter the venue, stop for a minute and take deep breaths from your belly. Hold your back straight and even while you sit, keep a straight posture rather than stooping. You may use the restroom to practice some victory postures to boost your confidence. It will also help you to keep your cool. However, you should steer clear of being overconfident.

First Impression

Whether you believe it or not, first impression stays in the mind for the longest time to come. This holds true for everyone, even your future employers who will be in the interview board. If you want to create a positive first impression, it’s not just about giving the right answers. Rather, it involves the overall way of tackling tricky situations and questions while conducting yourself with confidence. You should ideally handle your interview with a relaxed yet alert mind as it would help the committee assess how you would handle stressful, real life situations.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

Smiling and having a pleasant expression is an essential part that every IT recruitment agency in London will train candidates with. This is a significant part of your body language. Also, whether you know the answer or not, meet the eyes of the person who is asking the question and either answer or politely say ‘I am sorry but I do not know the answer’. Remember not to make your smile seem unreal or forced. Since this requires good practice to make it feel natural, you should practice in front of the mirror before you appear for the job interview.

Practice Power Pose

In her TED show, Amy Cuddy explained how to practice power pose for an interview. She talked about how sitting and carrying yourself in a certain way will make you feel formal, casual, weak, or powerful. You may take the help of one of those licensed IT agencies in London to learn certain power poses or just watch the TED show. Practice power poses for at least two minutes before you go to the interview or while waiting outside the interview hall.

Do not Worry Too Much About Tension

Don’t worry too much about being tensed. A little tension is better than being overconfident. If you are suffering from a lot of tension and catch yourself biting your nails, just take few deep breaths and go the restroom to practice some power poses. Above all, experts of IT agencies in London advise job aspirants to tell themselves that you have got it in them and face the interview with complete confidence.

Good Luck!

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