20 Reasons Why Staffing Is A Great Place To Be in 2014

It's been one of those years.  Lots of activity, lots of change, and lots to think about.

I find myself in a good position, having come full circle in my career - finding strengths and passion in the profession - staffing - that I love. It is a pleasure in having part in multiple placements, seeing satisfied clients and candidates along the way.  I am able to help others, and able to see good results.  I find myself at times looking in the mirror wondering how and where all recruiting roads lead, how all moments upon our journey are part of who we become. 

There were these moments in 2013 which make me think long and hard about a new year that brings new opportunity, new engagement, and new transformations to our careers.  There are those along the way using what some of my client groups would call: "Promoters" & "Detractors" to our life's work, there are those whom doubt us, along our recruiting journey and steps. 

20 Reasons Why Staffing is A Great Place To Be in 2014

Think long and hard, what is it that differentiates you?  What makes you stand out?  What sways candidates, clients and others to your favor?  Here is a list of why I love staffing as I do, and the key moments in 2013 that set the stage for a bright 2014 as I get ready to pursue a Master's Program, as I get ready to tackle life's infinite of challenges, and as I strive to become even better of a man than I am today:

1.  Staffing enables us to improve others around us.  Think on this, what one profession can enable you to help others so?  I am going to be bold in saying this - if you treat people like widgets, a number, or a "fill" to check off a list, instead remembering why it is you got into this business, if your primary motive is $$ - Karma is going to put a big target on your back and you are going to hit the brick wall of reality when all is said and done.

2.  Staffing and Sourcing are powerful skills that enable you to better your company - when you bring in key talent, when you deliver to the hiring manager and take the "pain" away, there is nothing more rewarding than that.

3.  Family.  There is no profession that I can say with a complete love has allowed me to become whom I want to be.  Staffing has been and always will be at the forefront of the man I am.  I have the ability to better my familial situation, because of the staffing family I have become a part of.  No greater pride have I than seeing good fills, good outcomes, and strong matches resulting before my eyes, and to hear candidates provide thankfulness for a good experience.

4.  The satisfied tough Client Manager.  Tell me this?  What is more satisfying than finally filling that headache of a requirement and conquering that tough search with everything you have?  Tell me - what other profession brings the satisfaction of delivering key talent through the door in such a way as to become the door opener, and game changer in the midst of a talent war the likes we have never seen before?  There is nothing more satisfying than conquering the toughest requirement and making it bittersweet as one pushes shows a candidate success?

5.  Overcoming a mountain of obstacles through a sustained pipeline effort, being one who can become so good at talent development that they are remembered for that said effort.  Overcoming the detractors, and turning the candidates into promoters?  That's the core. 

6.  Being able to set to the dust the challenges posed by others, in such a way that enables you to conquer the boundaries others have set because they even in their humanity, don't realize the long term vision of the talent pipeline, and "difference" one can make.

7.  Tell me how many times I have seen thus, short termed career thought provoking moments, where others come to you with their challenges, and one CAN and DOES make a difference because you opened the door "nobody else could".  To me - there is nothing more powerful than that.

8.  Your personal brand and reputation, forever there will be those in this talent driven world of ours, whom will forget this vital truth - you get back what you put in or as I like to call it: Staffing Karma.  Always remember, there will be those for years to come whom will remember the kindness, the opportunity, the door you opened for them, and will "pay it forward" to you when that time comes to do so.  Nothing is more powerful than that.

9.  No other profession in my personal opinion gives me more options for my future than staffing, because I have a virtuous network no matter what happens, it is here that vital truth is realized, people will remember the difference to their lives you attempted to make.

10.  Career Resources, and Being a Career Counselor - Remember well, that providing good candidate feedback that allows them to flourish along the path makes every candidate feel good.  If you possibly can - TRY to give that candidate - even the ones that didn't make it in your process, an encouraging word, or a kind thought, is it so much in our business world that technology has lost it's way?  Has it made us feel less human?  For all the technologies a universal truth still remains - RECRUITING AND STAFFING WILL ALWAYS NEED THE PERSONAL TOUCH.

11.  Go above and beyond in your service.  No other profession demands so much in a short period of time as does staffing.  No other profession challenges your creativity, your logic, your heart, and your mind than does THIS - Recruiting and Staffing.

12.  Always remember to give time to those in your life that matter.  Your family is your greatest support system - enough said.

13.  Remember a profession such as this requires your best understanding of EVERY type of job in your organization.  Perhaps an intuitive approach to be able to find the hidden candidates time and time and time again.

14.  Realize - along the path - many will show their true humanity, they may forget why they joined this profession, or what it can mean for them down the way.  You will be one whom can remind them as a recruiter that the grass is not "always greener" but that it may be best to dig forth a little further.  No one else can be as candid and forthright about the "fit" factor.  And that's as it should be.

15.  You will have on both sides of the Recruiting Desk - tough and tougher clients, candidates, hiring managers, et al.  You may be the one to stop a cycle of such dynamics as company culture, company fit, and may, through your very acts of humanity, be able to put the right person in the mix whom might just set things right.  No other profession gives such "change" producing outcomes as that.

16.  No other profession teaches you how to have the utmost patience, juggle multiple balls, keep multiple shifting priorities straight, keeps you up at night, delivers your best self through moments of sheer toughness, and demands your utmost ethics to be successful.

17.  HR/Staffing ALWAYS should be joined at the hip IF they trust one another.  I have heard strange forces attacking the HR side and the HR side attacking the staffing side.  IF YOU ARE ONE WHOM CAN BRIDGE BOTH - your staffing success will be off the charts.  This one truth of staffing strategy and success is the very heart and soul of this profession.  Think long and hard in your life, whom challenges this truth, and you will be surprised to see the ulterior motives that may just need the extra "glue" of a higher resolve to do WHAT IS RIGHT.  In staffing you DO have that power by the way you react.

18.  Gone are the days where some thought HR/Staffing were "paper pushers" this prevailing philosophy has been torn down by strategic thinking staffing professionals whom know the value of standing firm against a "reactive" staffing model or "post and pray" methodology.

19.  Technical skills in staffing are increasingly more important, shifting demographics, shifting company cultures, changing web technologies, changing staffing trends, and those whom believe in the importance of a full talent life cycle.  Staffing is growing in influence and importance, as others finally and continuously awake to the possibilities.

20.  I have seen so many come through staffing's doors, yet self styled and focused individuals have the power to become "staffing rock stars".  I'll admit new entrants into our domain should be mentored, helped and groomed, because the staffing professional of today will not be the staffing professional of tomorrow.  A longer term vision of the potential in staffing teams and what is "possible" will need to be delivered.  LET ME DEFINE STAFFING ROCK STAR - key element is, delivering talent that "knocks the socks off" your client, AND where that candidate STAYS for the long haul - this is the TRUE DEFINITION of a "staffing rock star".

I have given 20 areas that I have cherished, nourished, fought hard for in 1 year.  I am "anxiously engaged in a good cause" to use a quote from my faith.  Where careers are flourishing, and carving out our own way to get rid of the economic obstacles by removing barriers to hiring, it is here that all of us can improve.

As 2014 dawns - it is vitally important to look at your whole staffing function, what steps can one take to improve through a Kaizen approach the very soul of their staffing function?  I know firmly there will always be those whom will be the "detractors" and "promoters" - but to prove the "detractors" wrong today in staffing still is my greatest enjoyment and my greatest pride.  Virtuous staffing cycles, and the "human touch" to recruiting, that's one legacy I will always keep at the heart of EVERYTHING that I do as I enter the New Year and 2014.  Irregardless of what others may think, this is the 1 thing that gets me out of bed everyday to pull out a few more calls, continue to be motivated, and through sheer effort make a positive contribution that gives me great joy.

I think that bettering ourselves humbly as recruiters, staffing professionals, HR Professionals et al - that is the heart, that is the core.  SUCCESS IS NOT A SOMETIMES THING, it is a MOJO, a complete paradigm shift.  The best among us learn early on, STAFFING KARMA is a REAL thing.

This post is of my own creation - it in no way represents the thoughts, opinions, or beliefs of ADP in any manner, I am solely responsible for it's content and am a proud ADP Recruiting Associate.

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