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Reinventing & Rediscovering my #TalentAcquisition Mojo - Of #SourceConDFW, Dancing and Gates

April 12th, 2023 has come to an end. It was also the first real #InPerson #SourceCon I've been to in 4 years. 2019…


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Re-Inventing My Best Recruiting Self in Tahoe Again: 14 Years after finding my Niche

I couldn't help but be at ease - knowing that I was arriving back in the very place my return to Recruiting Career pivot had taken off 14 years before - in Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July this past week.

See here:…


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It's Mid 2022 - Reinvention Is the Magic you will Need to Succeed

It's been a few years since I have written a good Recruiting Blogs article.  It's time to get back at it.  I've had too many lingering realities in recent months about the landscape that is Staffing.  Covid has indeed changed everything, the Labor Market is tighter, the challenges more real and adding value is going to require a different…


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I Won't Back Down - Where Resiliency meets Opportunity

"Well I won't back down.  No I won't back down.  You can stand me up to the gates of hell but I won't back down.  No I stand my ground.  Won't be turned around. And I keep this world from dragging me down, no I won't back down.  Gonna stand my ground.  And I won't back down. Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out.  Hey, I'll stand my ground. …


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The Big Picture is Key with a Long Term Plan - Adopt & Your Life Can be Happy: Lessons in Balance

11 Years ago my career and life course correct came.  It shifted almost overnight.  I needed to get back into staffing, and staffing found me.  It was a match made in heaven that has since paved the way for everything else I have done.  Along the way lessons have been learned, life has happened, change has come, and balance has become even more…


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Want to Open Recruiting Doors? Remember Your Reputation Precedes You

Your Reputation.  It's your credibility.  It's your voice, it's your respect for others, it's helping others and paying it forward that leads to exceptional Karma.  As I look back on amazing circumstances, changes, macro and micro economic circumstances et al, to Recruiting I am reminded on this Friday of something a candidate told me in a 30 minute conversation this week. …


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In Talent Acquisition The Phone Is THE Differentiator

In Talent Acquisition - the Phone is not dead.  It is as powerful a tool as anything.  For years we have been hearing about expert tools, the latest fads, the shiny objects that come and go.  With time, there is still one thing that happens to differentiate, that happens to close the…


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Robots/AI Will Not Take Over Recruiting

Imagine a Future where Robots own every aspect of the Recruiting/Staffing process, where the Robots drive down the cost of staffing such that no human recruiter exists ever again.  Imagine where Artificial Intelligence in a reality like Sky Net is scratching the surface of ingenuity such that sourcing, screening, recruiting, offers, and closing all are filtered by Machines. …


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Making Recruiting Relevant Again

Recruiting needs to be relevant. In this picture you can see the sun shining through the waterfall - it creates instant beauty, a different perspective, the perception adds a nice view which makes the picture relevant in your mind's eye.  Just like perception, recruiting must become relevant again. And I hope like this picture recruiting and staffing can shine through to…


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Captain Picard Says: Make It So - Use Job Relevant Requirements

Are Your Hiring Requirements Truly Necessary?

In today's Talent Driven market-place, a true trend to watch is whether your requirements are truly necessary to do the job in the first place. Today, many organizations have tight requirements in their staffing push that are:

>Inflexible and Based on Someone's Gut Instinct VS. Data Driven…


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Hitting The Target: Using Professional Associations To Create A Staffing Competitive Advantage: Part II

Hitting the Target with Professional Associations in Recruiting/Staffing is a way that Talent Acquisition can create a Competitive Advantage in Sourcing and Talent Attraction.  In this series I study this marketplace and how it is going to have an impact in the future and how to effectively engage, build value and employer brand with these organizations.  The next Topic in…


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Why HR & Recruitment Will Always Be One

A few years ago, when I first started writing here at Recruiting Blogs I must admit one of my very first posts, was all about how HR and Staffing/Recruitment were completely connected.  It was in 2008.  A lot has changed since that time, as continued technologies have evolved our staffing roles, and recruiting focus points.  Believe me, nothing pleases me more than a…


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10 Reasons Why Now is Still A Great Time To Be A Recruiter

There may be times where one looks at the big picture and wonders, what is coming?  In our day and age in Staffing/Recruitment we are the pilot of our own destiny. A Pilot must train hard, and keep their skills sharp, in order to successfully fly.  As I went to the March Field Aviation Museum recently nothing was more readily apparent.  But now is still a GREAT time…


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Hitting The Target: Using Professional Associations To Create A Staffing Competitive Advantage: A Blog Series


Throughout the Centuries - Archers have pulled back their bows in an effort to hit the target.  Their approach evolved with time in how they saw the target, honed in on it, and set the tone for their approach to perfectly hitting the center.  Recruiting I am afraid is much like archery.  Hitting the target in staffing is a bigger picture affair,…


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ERE/SourceCon Anaheim 2016: One Attendee's Perspective

ERE's SourceCon Anaheim was a stellar event.  I arrived on a Tuesday Sept 20 - a day before the first kickoff networking Happy Hour on the Marriott Anaheim Patio.  What was more than amazing was my Parent's time share through World-Mark By Wyndham Resort was less than a mile away from the venue adding to my luck to save on a Hotel and enabling me to get in a good walk every…


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Why The "Human" in Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Will Remain At The Forefront

It may come as a surprise or not, but there are multiple writers these days whom seem to think that the "Human" element in Staffing is going the way of the dinosaur.  It seems a popular writing technique to bring out the sensational, the "gotcha" headline, and the "Automation is Coming" & "Your Recruiting Function is Obsolete" focused attention seeking…


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What It Takes To Succeed - The Recruiter's Perspective.

It was 8 years ago in July 2008, where I found myself reflective, hopeful, pondering from a bird's eye view my Career vantage point while overlooking Lake Tahoe in a year where I had steered my career back to the staffing landscape.  It was a welcome reprieve from what up until that point had been a busy year.  Lake Tahoe, a beloved place I love to visit and will have…


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The Purple Squirrel Syndrome - May it Rest In Peace

A few years ago this interesting article appeared on Accuweather.com about a mysterious purple squirrel that a Pennsylvania couple had captured:  http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/purple-squirrel-found-in-penns/61308

Indeed, according to this 2012 article the couple…


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10 Ways to Have Championship Focus in the New Year & Always

Having been born and raised in the Bay Area - I remember rooting for the Bay Area sports teams.  The Golden State Warriors - NBA Champions and their remarkable MVP - Steph Curry have been on the dream roller coaster ride of Wins 32-2 on the back of a Championship Season. Within reach perhaps is the legendary regular season…


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Why Does One Recruit? What Joy Comes of It?

At times we may ask ourselves this question.  Why do we recruit?  What joy comes of it?  Why do we do this day in and day out.  What is it that drives those of us whom have chosen staffing as our chosen venture to do what we do?  Well - let me give you 10 reasons.  I was recently out in Silicon Valley again - while there I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing…


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