An average recruiter will spend 8 hours qualifying 100-200 candidates daily...

1 hour sourcing
1 hour referring
3 hours screening
1 hour lunching
1 hour processing
1 hour slacking

after hours...

1 hour stressing whether the final-stage candidate will get hired tomorrow
1 hour drinking to forget about the final interview tomorrow

after all...

Many recruiting managers and company leaders base the success or failure of their recruiter /recruiting agency on the candidates ultimate decision to sign up with the employer and accept the offer.  Oh, the joy of managing the world's most unreliable product.......people.  Fair system, right?

Reviewing each profile, on average, takes 1.5 minutes to focus on...

1 LinkedIn Profile
4 + Social Links (ie StackO, Pinterest, Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Behance)

attempting to find...

1+ portfolios
1 piece of contact information
1+ skill or contribution list
1+ interests + hobbies 
1+ group or people association

in an effort to...

share 1 right opportunity
develop 1 meaningful relationship
make a great first impression

...with the ultimate goal to help you find your dream job.


Recruiters aren't bad, right?  

Go Inmail yourself.  Primitive recruiting technology is the problem. Process-driven and dysfunctional rather than purpose-driven and relational. Recruiters want to bond with candidates but technology binds. 

Can we build technology that enables relationship-building and automates daily tasks?  

If we had one place that informed us of relevant personal insights (RPI), we would find, relate, and engage people with purpose.

Sounds far fetched...kinda like transparent aluminum, right, but perhaps it's already in development. We are in the future now...


A place that converts 20+ prospecting tasks into 1 simple search


relationship dashboard used to learn about the people you engage.


Yep.  Check out our progress with a 30 day free trial at

Simple, right?

Watch our videos and reviews about Veruca

Quick link to the interactive deck + PDF

Phase 1:  

Phase 2:
Phase 3:

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