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Crash Course in Talent Sourcing: Employer Branding and Engagement

Sure, there are some interesting "sourcing" products you'll see sponsoring all of the big events. But are they worth it? I should know, after all, I was part of the beta programs.

Let me tell you now that you don't need to pay a ridiculous subscription fee to get your team started with a robust talent sourcing…

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Candidate Marketing Playbook 1 of 2: How to Introduce & Attract Relationships

How do you establish a relationship? You can't have a meaningful relationship without conversations and you need to align on context to start the conversation. Only then can the ongoing conversation become the relationship, right?

In the following two-part series, we will introduce two playbooks to make this happen:

  • Candidate Marketing…

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Recruiting Situation Playbook: Allocating Team & Resources

For recruiting leaders, people operation teams, talent-supply chain pros, and ambitious leads wanting a competitive edge.

Think about how exciting an origin story can be. We always want to know why and how things came to be.  But why is it exciting to us and more importantly, why do we seek understanding?

 As an industry, we have to do…


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How to Post a Project on Lancelot.io - Freelancer Projects for Talent Pros

First, click on the 'start a project' button located in the header on every page:

This will take you to the 'post a project' screen:…


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4 Customer Challenges Blocking your Recruiting Agency

Hiring season is in full swing with recruiting agencies circling employers like sharks.  Today's climate in the staffing world reminds me of the staffing spike in 2006.  Back then, submitting the right candidate to a prospective client got you in the door and ensured, fast-track placements.  This time around, it may get you in the door but it doesn't…


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5 More Corporate Recruiting Problems Impacting Agency Success

If you are a recruiting agent, you think that you influence a hire.  In reality, corporate teams marginalize your efforts.  You are powerless in their world.....unless you understand the world as they see it.  

The more you understand the problems facing your internal corporate recruiting teams, the better you can position yourself as a…


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11 Reasons Why Corporate Recruiting Managers Fail


As your passionate recruiting manager, I give everything I've got to find and keep the people we hire and grow your company in a way that makes people proud to do work here.  You respond by telling me I am not hiring fast enough, yet I work overtime...I work weekends...I am typically the first person in the office to smile at candidates and I'm the last…


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Winning Dynamics in Corporate and Agency Recruitment?

Do any recruiting professionals remember a time when a recurring problem was identified in their recruiting group and data was used to diagnose and solve the problem?  Was actionable data ever used to improve the situation?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

I asked myself this question and my answer was "no."   Recruiting teams are people-driven…


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Kickbacks in Recruiting: Avoiding Corruption

Corporate recruiting departments lack financial transparency and accountability needed to align agency hiring performance with authorized incentives.  In some cases, it's designed that way, making "kickbacks" a sad yet common (and all too casual) practice resulting in unauthorized incentives and unsanctioned, preferential treatment.   I've heard the stories…


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5 Tips to Captivate Your Candidates

Candidates you recruit want you to connect and follow up with them, tactfully.  

Here are five tips to help you get started on the right track:


1. Deliver a business reason

Why is there a match?  Make sure that you are direct and transparent about why you are reaching out to your…


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How Will Technology Impact the Future of Recruiting? Bill Vick interviews James Chmielinski

In this Recruiter Hangout, Bill Vick and James Chmielinski discuss the impact that technology will have on the future of recruiting and sourcing. Gone are the days of the huge all-in-one platform. The new generation of Millennials are independent entrepreneurs, who want choice. Watch now to learn what Bill and James think about the generation gaps, and how software and apps…


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25 Daily Tasks of the Modern Recruiter

An average recruiter will spend 8 hours qualifying 100-200 candidates daily...

1 hour sourcing

1 hour referring

3 hours screening

1 hour lunching

1 hour processing…


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Rankings! Are you recruiting engineers from the best schools?

DOWNLOAD RANKING LIST  |  Learn more about Veruca.io…


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Do you inspire performance in your sales and recruiting efforts?

Hello World!

My name is James Chmielinski and I am a believer of passion and performance.

 From an early age, I was competing on baseball fields and the performance + competition bug has never left me.  I want to be the best.  I can't help it but the grind can have its downfall.  When you are the only one in the room competing.…


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Are you effectively managing your recruiting partners?

Unless you've worked for a $100talent acquisition performance management program in the heart of San Francisco, you may not know how to streamline recruiting agency performance in a programmatic fashion.  Newer companies don't measure agency performance on anything but a case by "​hire"​ case, neglecting performance data that…


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