3 Ways AI Is Helping in Diverse Recruiting

Over the last few years, recruiting is driven by innovative technologies and strategies. Recruiters have become eager to improve efficiency by doing more in fewer efforts.  Hence, artificial intelligence has been introduced to automate and streamline the recruitment process. Diverse and unbiased recruitment plays a vital role in building a talent pipeline. Thus, these objectives are on the priority list of recruiters or HR professionals.

Diverse recruiting:

The market is becoming more diverse so is your workforce. Employees with different perspectives can help companies to understand the market, identify new opportunities, and recognize unmet needs. Diverse recruiting is becoming one of the important strategies to maximize creativity, productivity, and loyalty of employees while meeting the requirements of clients. Competition to acquire great talent has become challenging than ever before. Hence, employers are looking for a diverse workforce to improving the odds of hiring the best person.

Unbiased hiring:

Unconscious biases can affect critically on recruiting judgments. It may cause to make decisions wrongly which can detriment the workplace. The choices may base on age, gender or any other criteria than applicant’s actual ability. Hence, AI techniques such as machine learning, NLP are used to streamline and automate the hiring process.

Here are three ways how AI can help in reducing unconscious bias and improving recruitment diversity:

AI for resume screening to avoid unconscious bias: 

AI tools such as resume parser help in screening resume by extracting information to create a larger applicant pool. It stores data into segregated fields to identify the most qualified candidate from the talent pool. AI can avoid biases related to demographic details such as gender, age while screening resumes creating a more diverse pool.

AI to communicate more objectively:

AI-powered tools such as chatbots, recruitment software can be programmed to remove age, gender and other demographical details to provide a wider and more diversified talent pool for recruiters. Also, chatbots can give feedback, suggestions, and answers to applicant queries in real-time.  Chatbots can use machine learning so that based on applicant feedback and replies, chatbots can teach themselves to be more accurate for the other questions in the future.

AI to remove biased language in job descriptions:

The representation of words used in job descriptions may create a barrier in attracting candidate diversity. Words in job descriptions as some of the words such as challenging, dominant may less attract female candidates. AI can help to suggest the right words so that recruiters can attract a more diverse talent pool.

By adding AI at the top of recruiting funnel, recruiters can reduce unconscious bias and improve diversity.

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