There comes a point in time when a Recruiting Manager will have to sit down with an individual recruiter, or a team of recruiters and assess their strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement in order to hit quotas and attain business goals.  We are presenting 4 Easy Ways to Improve Recruiter Performance. 

1.  Data Support:  The proof, as they say,  is in the pudding.  Tracking employee tasks and activities real time and sharing with recruiters is a best practice for creating a more productive work environment for all.  When recruiters know that management has the ability to run real-time reports with the use of cloud recruitment software, recruiters are more inclined to attain small goals and execute daily tasks. Most recruiting managers will say that recruiters fall short when the small (but meaningful) tasks and activities are not executed.

2.  Time Management 101-  A recruiter must become a master at time management.  After all, each open job order is a project that calls for strategy,  sustained effort and do it all as quickly and accurately  as possible.  Recruiters must be trained on time management, effective project planning and reach milestones as they head to the finish line.  Time Management is a discipline and a practice.  Successful recruiters know that managing time and establishing priorities is highly, highly important to success.


3.  Zero-in on areas of needed improvement and guide recruiters to required resources.    For example, a recruiting manager assesses that a recruiter has not made the last three placements due to sub-par negotiating skills and additional training is required.  Many Recruiting Managers have made the mistake of pointing out areas of weakness,  but fall short as they do not guide the recruiter to effective resources such as websites, webinars or live events pertaining to increasing negotiation skills.  

4.  Stress more thorough planning.  It may seem that Planning and Time Management are the same thing.  Actually, they are very distinct.  Time Management is prioritizing how one’s time is allocated for essential business processes.  Planning is actually creating a blueprint for tomorrow’s success. One of the basic fundamentals of being a recruiter is effective planning each and every day.   Plans should be created for sales and recruiting calls, how much time is spent on social media sites searching for candidates, researching prospective clients, etc.  If a Recruiter’s performance is decreasing take a look at their daily, weekly and monthly plans.  It’s very telling.


TargetRecruit Is An Ecosystem Of Staffing Industry Apps For All Aspects Of Your Business that help you do this all and more.


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